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  1. Animation Start Areas?

    Well I guess what I am asking is can you animate site using adobe animate? or is it just for banners and stuff?
  2. Animation Start Areas?

    I have never did an animation site out site of old adobe flash.. now I have looked through several of the examples on here are they using video? adobe animate? this is an example i found on here.
  3. New to Gsap

    I have been looking at videos for cc animate, but I am unsure if I need animate to accomplish this.. I have a hero image full screen and I am trying to have some text display. not so much animated but as follows <div> <span>1</span> <span>2</span> <span>3</span> <span>4</span> <span>5</span> </div> and it will just keep switching to the next text. it will only show one word at a time. where would be a good place to start?
  4. TweenMax move image

    I am using scroll magic a tween max.. I have my teen halfway working it fades in really nice but when you scroll down i wanted it to move up and fade.. do I use css to accomplish this? All the gsap tweens I have seen suggest no. var tween =".sv-logo", 1, {y: -50}); new ScrollScene({ triggerElement: '#scene1', triggerHook: 0, offset: sceneHeight, duration: 1000 }) .setTween(tween) .addTo(controller) .addIndicators({suffix: "Move"});
  5. gsap scrollmagic swipes issue

    Thanks a lot PointC
  6. gsap scrollmagic swipes issue

    updated codepen
  7. gsap scrollmagic swipes issue

    I have got this to work with some modifications i want the max height to be 650px not 100% i can get it to do so but it leaves a huge white gap between it and the next section... you will have to view fullscreen to see the white gap
  8. Text Animation

    yea I seen those pens... not sure i want the user to have to click play to see an animation
  9. Text Animation

    OK after messing around with scroll magic I decided that I would use gsap so i am new either way to this stuff. i have a hero and i want to animate some text headline like this Welcome <--bigtext Hope you like the site.. <--underneath I love pizza <--next etc I have looked hi an low for a really nice smooth way of doing this.. I seen this see the banner that is animated with text.. I would like to create this type of animation.. but not sure what they used or where to even begin..
  10. Unsure where to start

    I have been trying to accomplish a nice animation tween and have been unsuccessful, I have tried scrollmagic watch videos no good result, I have been at this for a week and 3 days from stack overflow to the end of google and back still unable to get any help.. this is my jsfiddle it is basic setup, I have 3 classes .header is my main class, then i have .active .fixed . offset when you load the page the default classes should be header active offset, then when you start to scroll it should remove .offset and add .fixed this should make the nav slide down smooth.. that part works great.. my problem is when scrolling up the nav dont slide back up and the default links don't return. I am at the point of scrapping it... so I looked at scroll magic and ran across this in searching any help would be appreciated..