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  1. Animating SVG mask content

    Thanks all. This worked for me
  2. Animating SVG mask content

    Hi, I'm having to use an SVG mask (so it works on Explorer) I wondered how I would animate the containing image, without moving the mask? See demo
  3. SloMo inverse?

    oh I see. I imagine if it were to be used in a Google DoubleClick project, the js library would have to be included in the upload. There is no Google hosted equivalent?
  4. SloMo inverse?

    It's for a banner in DoubleClick, which I couldn't find a google hosted link for CustomEase. I noticed you use this URL in your CodePen: // Is that because it's exclusive for Club GreenSock?
  5. SloMo inverse?

    Thanks Jack - Yes Power4.easeInOut is pretty near on close inspection. Almost identical in fact. I have been using that, but I was just looking for a straighter middle part (without constructing a custom version):
  6. SloMo inverse?

    Hi, i'm looking to create an ease that would look exactly like the inverse of a SloMo: It starts off slow, speeds up in middle, then slows down. Is there an easy way to switch this? so, instead of the original curve on the left, it would look something more like the curve on the right: Thanks
  7. Animate width from left to right

    Thanks Mikel, nearly - I need the text be static Here's a better example of what I mean. Have a look at the red version for what I'm trying to achieve (without having to animated the text):
  8. Animate width from left to right

    Thanks Sahil, I couldn't see a solution on that thread that kept the contents (text) static
  9. Animate width from left to right

    I'm trying to animate a div (mask) from left to right using width, keeping the text static. I have tried to achieve this using transformOrigin & marginLeft Any other suggestions welcome Thanks
  10. Transform and z-index stacking context

    It seems to work when specifying #background_exit as z-index:-1; Would be good to find a more flexible fix though
  11. Transform and z-index stacking context

    Thanks, any clue why is the button no longer clickable ?
  12. Transform and z-index stacking context

    Might not be specific to GSAP, but: You'll notice when the button is clicked and the function is fired, it seems to remove it's functionally. See in example Thanks
  13. staggerFrom same Point

    Great, thanks
  14. staggerFrom same Point

    Thanks a lot. @PointC That works, but the circles need to be set as relative, not absolute Is there a way of setting a relative div to an absolute position ?
  15. staggerFrom same Point

    Is it possible to staggerFrom the same point on a relative positioned div? The Circles all start from 200px from their individual positions, whereas I'd prefer them to start at left:200px in absolute coordinates. Thanks