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    Greensock in Flutter

    I know is totally out of topic for html/js forum. Ive been using this Tween engine for almost a decade in AS3. I was truly hoping that eventually u make a port for Flutter, dealing with animations and timelines there is a PAIN. greensock API is muuch needed!. Any plans to expand the library to Dart? It will be very welcome for this new promising technology
  2. rodrigolopezpeker

    Greensock in Flutter

    No it doesnt, Dart is more like AS3/typescript.... well is more “evolved” I think. I welcome all of you to give Flutter a try , you will see what I mean regarding the lacking of a TweenMax lib, even if it’s in beta state the technology is really promising. please let me know what you think, if it’s doable.... at least a simple “TweenNano”
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    Question about this forum..

    100% agree @HGStudio
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    CustomEase in AS3

    Thanks for the reply @Jack, I was kinda expecting it. Even if its a "bummer", u have my huge respects buddy, I've been using TweenLite/Max for ages, always extremely stable and reliable, so I can't be more grateful for all the work that u guys been doing for ages. Therefore, I just feel honor enough for ur kinds comments and the time u took to justify the (expected) NO and for being polite. I'm aware of the copyright, and that's the big issue where I can't do anything about it. I think the rest can be "arranged", even using a similar approach unrelated to Greensock, creating a custom bezier editor, precompiling the code in swc, etc... Anyway, is there any chance for me to help u (greensock) to stay alive in AS3 ? I know the library took a way different path now, with tons of features that works only on CSS/JS, but at least, I would like to contribute something back. Thanks.
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    CustomEase in AS3

    Hi guys, I wanna know if I have ur permission to share my code version from CustomEase on github or something similar, I ported the latest JS version to AS3 and works pretty well. Actually, I'm using it with Starling's Tween... this new easing is really amazing. Even with my own implementations/optimizations for AS3... I'd like to know if its ok to share it with the community... What u guys achieved is fantastic and I think it'll help developers to create amazing stuffs in AIR, event if everybody consideres AS3 "death" Thanks.