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  1. anotheruser

    Rotate and scale translation changed

    Sorry , I was testing something else using the same codepen , can you please check now ?
  2. anotheruser

    Rotate and scale translation changed

    Hi , I am trying to scale/reveal a rotated image from top, but when i try to do that the position changes! Is there anything i am doing wrong ? To Animate in codepen , please click the image
  3. anotheruser

    onUpdate Event skipped for some time

    Hi, I am using GSAP in a react application, I have a timeline in my redux store and the timeline's onupdate listener in a component. I am using the onupdate to move a playhead thumb just like a Player. Every time the onupdate is called i get the value from the timeline._time and change the value for the thumb, the problem is when huge tween is happening (like for 200 items) the onupdate calls are not frequent , but the tween runs very smoothly , is there anyway i can get smoother progress values?
  4. anotheruser

    Split text removing spaces

    I thought i clearly read the documentation , I am wrong , thanks man , Awesome answer as always BTW is that already present in the document? or added recently?
  5. anotheruser

    Split text removing spaces

    The problem is i am trying to do a typewrite effect when using the thing like you said , the cursor will consider it like a whole div rather than seperate div
  6. anotheruser

    Split text removing spaces

    Hi, sorry for providing a wrong codepen , Please check the following , this is what i am trying to do for extra spaces , but the problem is i cant create seperate divs for empty spaces with splittext.
  7. anotheruser

    Split text removing spaces

    Hi , I am trying to create a typewriter effect , but what i am facing is a issue where when i try to split text with 'chars' it automatically remove spaces and make it as one space for eg if i type "hi greensock" , it changes it to "hi greensock" please check the following codepen, I need spaces to be in separate div because I need to get the cursor placed inside the seperate div
  8. anotheruser

    Typewriter effect

    Sorry again , please check the following link , I rotated the text but the cursor point doesn't move with the text anymore. Is there a minor problem ?
  9. anotheruser

    Typewriter effect

    @PointC, Is it possible to add them through gsap because these text are created dynamically by me through javascript. Also i tried your method which breaks the underline for spaces. please check the link, the text without the gsap effect and text with gsap effect looks different
  10. anotheruser

    Typewriter effect

    Hi please check the following file , I have added text underline to the text and animated it , but the underline is not showing up.
  11. anotheruser

    Scale with text shaking the div

    Hi @Acccent. I have tried your method , it still appears shaky to me , Even in your demo
  12. anotheruser

    I've made it to 2,000 posts!!

    Awesome Codepen , I was waiting like whats next whats next , way to go , You were helping everyone when they need you , thanks , keep going !
  13. anotheruser

    Scale with text shaking the div

    Yeah I tried that after seeing your other post , But unfortunately Am seeing the same jumping text thing
  14. anotheruser

    Scale with text shaking the div

    Hi , I have a div where there is a text , I am trying to scale the div , but when scaling the text is shaking , Is there anything i am doing wrong ? It looks like the text keep on jumping , but i have not applied any tween to the text at all . only to the parent div. I have tested in chrome , this issue is coming only in chrome is suppose , in firefox it seems to appear smooth , (not sure , sometime it glitches)
  15. anotheruser

    Split text confused

    Woah , Thats works wonderful , Thanks a lot