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  1. Is this effect using GSAP?

    Yes, this is built with GSAP. Looking in the source code, they're using a very recent version of TweenMax.
  2. AnimateCSSPlugin is now Open!!!

    The animations in animate.css are pretty cool, I hope this goes well.
  3. The reason you are getting a syntax error is because none is being treated as a variable, when it's supposed to be a string, or a variable with a string. Again, autoAlpha is useful here.
  4. Delay the animation until user scrolls to the element

    fullpage.js only gives sections, it doesn't do anything as far as callbacks.
  5. text scale animation cause font to blur

    @ohem thanks for the tip! Never knew that was a property that you could change.
  6. Delay the animation until user scrolls to the element

    Step 1: attach a "scroll" event to the document Step 2: when the event is fired, check window.scrollY. If it aligns with one of the sections, proceed to step 3 Step 3: fire desired animation(s)
  7. What is perspective ?

    The lower the perspective value is, the more dramatic the FOV becomes. Basically, if perspective is high enough, it may as well be 0.
  8. Just sharing a fun PEN :)

  9. So, here is an idea: Let's say I have an element that I want to have animated with different eases for the x and y props. Normally, to do that, I would have to do this: TweenMax.to("#box", 1, { x:200, ease:Power4.easeOut }); TweenMax.to("#box", 1, { y:200, ease:Power4.easeIn }); But, what if I could do it like this instead: TweenMax.to("#box", 1, { x:{ value:200, ease:Power4.easeOut }, y:{ value:200, ease:Power4.easeIn } }); I think that would be a pretty cool thing to have. Can you guys make this happen?
  10. GreenSock Easing Playground

    I wish bounce were a configurable ease. could be really useful that way.
  11. List hover effect not working

    This is really interesting. I am new to jquery, so this is some new code to me.
  12. List hover effect not working

    As you can see in the attached codepen, I want to make a small hover effect. after looking through some docs on both Jquery and GSAP, it still is not working. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  13. So, I have a small problem. I want to be able to customize things in the throwprops plugin, like friction and bounciness. But it doesn't let you do anything like that, so I wondered, is it possible to combine the functionality of the two plugins?
  14. .staggerTo() not working

    I want to make a small animation just for fun, but as I make it, I notice it doesn't play. Can someone please help me?
  15. How to run timeline continuously on mouse hover

    I think he wants it to keep scrolling, even after he stops hovering.