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  1. CliCliC

    SplitText textAlign:"justify" no work

    Hello, is there a good news for this post ? Or it's always impossible for characters/words.
  2. CliCliC

    Need feature : SplitText works with img

    Yes i tried but it was not working. Maybe i was not using the good version of lodash. But then what ? I don't see how it can help with splittext ? I told you I modified splitText to take care about emojis and now it's working do you wan't the code ?
  3. CliCliC

    Need feature : SplitText works with img

    @OSUBlake : i tried but loadash is not working with emojis, it split text in the same fashion as splitText (resulting in �). And even if it was splitting text without blowing up surrogates pairs I don't see the point of using it outside splittext... @Jonathan : I know the difference between an <img> and a character... emojis can be both. And in both case splittext is failing : First case : emoji is displayed as characters in a string, some emoji are encoded with 2 or 4 UTF8 characters and splitText doesn't care about that. so it split one emoji in 2 or 4 unknow characters : � Second case : emoji is displayed as an <img> in the middle of an html string because in the first case emoji are not pretty : splitText doesn't work with <img> those tags are stripped. Any way, it took me thirty minutes to modify SplitText.js to solve the first case and it's working perfectly now. I would have liked to share it but it's not open source so... For the second case : why splitText cannot put <img> tags (or any kind of html tag by the way) into div like it do with characters?
  4. CliCliC

    Need feature : SplitText works with img

    Ok guys, thanks for answering. @OSUblake : i can't make it work. @Carl : Could you just split text respecting surrogate pairs like this : ? I think it's quicker than redisegning SplitText to work with img tags and it still permit to display emojis with compatible fonts
  5. Hi, in a recent project i need to animate tweets text. SplitText is wonderfull for that but in tweets there are emojis... To display emojis i am using twemoji wich replace emoji characters by <img> tags in the text. Do you have any other idea to make it work ? Or could you envisage to add support of img tags in SplitText ?