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  1. Chrome 49 - Janky GSAP

    Hi, I've no link to the Chrome Bug Report yet - I used the above as an example - so I can only assume it's not been responded to yet. Try this >> http://dev.andyfoulds.co.uk/asdasd , rollover the buttons at the bottom. It was silky smooth in Chrome 48. I have a Win7 PC with an NVidia graphics card but I've also seen this on my Mac at the studio, even got to see it before-and-after as Chrome updated itself! Andy___F
  2. Chrome 49 - Janky GSAP

    Submitted a bug-report...
  3. Yep, seeing it in Chrome 49 on Windows 7 at home and on a Mac at the studio. I first noticed it on The PC then once I got to work I viewed the same site just prior to Chrome updating itself, silky smooth, then there it was. Particularly noticeable on fonts!
  4. timelineMax staggerTo, simple on/off image cycle.

    She-eet, I love this forum! Thanks Jack, saved my day - a couple of hours anyway
  5. Has anyone else noticed jerkyness in scaling since chrome updated from 48 to 49 a few days ago?