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  1. jnhltmn

    scroll hijack / smooth scroll

    Is there, or can there be an GSAP-alternative for the smooth scroll hijack like https://github.com/baptistebriel/smooth-scrolling?
  2. jnhltmn

    Centered Circular Draggable input

    I have a circular input with a width and height of 80vw/vh (depending on portrait or landscape).. GSAP Draggable uses the translate3d for the draggable component, but when I resize my window it doesn't center my #controller element anymore because of that.
  3. jnhltmn

    Centered Circular Draggable input

    Thanks for your reply Sahil! How about this? The controller gets out of position before dragging indeed. But when i remove the draggable functionality it stays in position.
  4. jnhltmn

    Tweening $(this):after

    How can I tween a specific pseudo-element on hover?
  5. jnhltmn

    Tweening $(this):after

    Thanks for thinking with me @Sahil. As you can see in my codepen it ís possible to select pseudo-elements with the cssruleplugin. But don't know how it will work on hovering elements.
  6. jnhltmn

    Animate pseudo element of specif tag

    @Jonathan, could you tween the pseudo-elements on hover in your example?
  7. jnhltmn

    StaggerTo minus delay infinite loop

    thanks guys, for this really warm welcome to the GSAP forum! my attempts were close.. but hadn't thought of combining staggerTo and yoyo.. somehow.. thanks again!
  8. jnhltmn

    StaggerTo minus delay infinite loop

    I have this animation in CSS because I couldn't get it done in GSAP! Of course; it's fine like the way it is now.. but I challenge you to make it in GSAP!