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  1. Google DoubleClick Custom Dynamic Banners

    There is no need to use GWD for DoubleClick. The Banner requirements depend on which DC Environment you will upload your Banner Ads. There are: Double Click for Publishers DoubleClick Studio DoubleClick Campaign Manager Will you upload directly to DC Environment or are you or your Customer using a Third Party Template to upload your Banner Ads? If this is the case, there may be other banner specifications to follow.
  2. @tekkon Hi, anivendo is still under development, currently in alpha Version. There will be a Mac Version. Unfortunately, I am very busy with other Projects right now, so I am not able to leave a roll-out date. But I will definitely roll-out a Mac Version this Year. I develop anivendo mainly for producing HTML5 animated banner ads and put the focus on easy handling and a fast workflow. anivendo exports banner ads whose code is very easy to edit and understand. This is a big difference to Animate CC. anivendo can not really be compared to the functionality of Animate CC yet. For everybody who's interested: There will be an update by the end of June, in which anivendo contains an ease customizer.
  3. Embeddable CustomEase editor / visualizer

    @OSUblake Unfortunately I got a little bit stuck on paper.js as it comes to store a complete path (curves, segments and handles) to localStorage and add it later to a new Path. Do you have an idea on how to achieve this? NEVERMIND, I figured it out!!!
  4. Embeddable CustomEase editor / visualizer

    Thank's Jack...Perfect, I meant the class And - of course - I will upgrade license before charging anything
  5. Embeddable CustomEase editor / visualizer

    Perfect, thank's
  6. Embeddable CustomEase editor / visualizer

    @GreenSock Hi Jack, is it allowed to make use of custom ease in my Application anivendo? Cheers Oliver
  7. Embeddable CustomEase editor / visualizer

    Hi @OSUblake, I'm just wondering if I can use your "Custom Ease Test" codepen as the basis for an ease visualizer in anivendo ? Are you okay with that? Cheers Oliver
  8. it's a zip-Archive which contains the exe-File. Please unzip using for example 7-Zip(
  9. You can download it here: If you encounter any Problem, please leave me a note!
  10. anivendo is now fully documented! Questions, Bug Report and Improvement Suggestions can be made via anivendo Community Forum I decided to allow direct Download of anivendo alpha-Version via Homepage.
  11. "Cycle property for staggered animations" Instead of defining a single value (like x:100), anivendo (actually TweenMax) defines an Array of values to cycle through (like cycle:{x:[100,-100]}. Example: tl .staggerFrom(['#element1','#element2','#element3'], 2.5, {cycle:{x:[100,-100]},ease:Power0.easeNone}) Right now this is the only cycle functionality anivendo supports. "Enhanced Loop Functionality" There are two Options: 1) Loop within Main Timeline 2) Loop in Extra Timeline 1) If you check loop and leave checkbox behind PLUS-Icon empty anivendo adds "repeat, repeatDelay and (if checked) yoyo:true" to Element Tweening Example: tl .staggerFrom(['#element1','#element2','#element3'], 2.5, {cycle:{scaleX:[0.2,-0.2]},ease:Power0.easeNone}) // This is the Loop Element .from('#element1', 0.5, {rotation:270,ease:Back.easeOut.config(1),repeat:3,repeatDelay:0.5,yoyo:true}) // --------------------------- .to('#element3', 2.5, {autoAlpha:0,ease:Power0.easeNone}); 2) If you check checkbox behind PLUS-Icon anivendo creates a new Timeline like: var loopScene2 = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1,repeatDelay:0,yoyo:true }); loopScene2.from('#element, 12, {rotation:360}); -> which will cause an infinite Loop of the Element during the whole Animation progress!
  12. @emmanuelulloa Sorry for responding that late, I think it is time to write a detailed "How to use" Documentation. This will be the focus for this week and will be available next Monday on "Wiki" Section within I also think of a video that explains anivendo using an example banner containing all Tween possibilities.
  13. __________________________________ 03-16-2018: UPDATE [alpha 0.0.39]: __________________________________ fixed bug in change multiple Elements fixed bug in Save As Dialog fixed bug in fromTo Tween fixed Bug in multiple Selection changed multiple Selection from "holding STRG-Key" to "holding SHIFT-Key" (due to Mac compatibility) ____________________________________________ 03-15-2018 --- UPDATE alpha [0.0.38] ____________________________________________ Hi Guys, this is just a quick Note to get you updated. Today I released an anivendo update containing: Additional AdFormats in Export Dialog Custom AdServer Environment Cycle property for staggered animations Enhanced Loop Functionality Image Positioning Proportional Image Resizing For further Information please see Please feel free to leave a Comment. I'd love to hear what you think" To update anivendo simply start it. Auto Update will start automatically! Cheers Oliver
  14. GIF banners

    Wow, LICEcap was new to me. Perfect solution, very useful. Thank's for sharing!
  15. Sizmek Test Request

    Thank you!