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  1. morphSVG and <filter>

    Thank you very much for your help! I did a little research. The problem was on my end. I had the chance to test it on other computers and laptops today and everything works fine. Problem was with my home monitor settings and I need to redo the calibration on it. I've been living a lie! I am very sorry for this irrelevant issue!
  2. morphSVG and <filter>

    this is weird, I can see your codepen alright (in Chrome) and I have no idea what I'm missing on my side... I give up, no more shadows. I've never seen these before inkscape:version="0.91 r13725" sodipodi:docname="Domestic_Dromedary_silhouette.svg" xmlns:svg="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:cc="" xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:sodipodi="" xmlns:inkscape="" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" What are they and why do I need them?
  3. morphSVG and <filter>

    Sorry about this, I should have done it before posting; - Google Chrome seems to be processing the filters only once - Firefox: the last update has a lot of javascript issues and this browser always had a problem with inline SVG even if they say they have full support... whatever - Safari seems to be working just fine - Edge - PERFECT I'm ok to wait for them to support all the features. Other than that, as long as the animation works it's more than ok and if the browser can handle filters -> better.
  4. morphSVG and <filter>

    Hello! I have the following: <svg ......> <defs> <filter height="100%" width="100%" y="0" x="0" filterUnits="objectBoundingBox" id="dropshadow2"> <feGaussianBlur in="SourceAlpha" stdDeviation="8"></feGaussianBlur> <feOffset dy="4" dx="0"></feOffset> <feComponentTransfer> <feFuncA type="linear" slope="0.21"></feFuncA> </feComponentTransfer> <feMerge> <feMergeNode></feMergeNode> <feMergeNode in="SourceGraphic"></feMergeNode> </feMerge> </filter> </defs> <path filter="url(#dropshadow2)" d=".........."/> </svg> Is there any way to keep the filter properties as the animation goes?