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  1. Sizmek Ad Size Calculation

    The way the Sizmek calculates sizes is definitely out there. Your zip that you upload is different from their "Workspace". They don't count everything in your zip. As I understand from their guidelines, after you upload your zip to the "Workspace", each element is automatically compressed on it's own and then recalulated. (Only the largest video is counted if more than one video. See second link for other "exceptions".) Odd and overly complicated, I know. One of the several reasons I steer clients away from Sizmek. Every time I work with them, they dodge questions or simply won't answer and arguments all the way. Emphasis added is mine. "The size of an HTML5 ad is the total size of all assets in the ad’s Workspace, at the compressed size. This includes images, the largest video, fonts, JavaScript files, HTML files and any other files. We do not count additional assets for dynamic creative or videos. Compression is automatically applied which reduces the size of each asset type to the compressed size. " ~under Rules and Guidelines @ "Ads that contain additional assets are calculated exactly as ads with Workspaces only; however, there is one exception. If the ad has an additional asset that is larger than the largest video in the Workspace, that asset is included in the calculation instead of the largest video. The following table describes how ad size is calculated according to the different ad types..." ~
  2. Animation stuttering in IE, Edge, Firefox

    Great tip! However, I noticed when I include force3d:false to keep things crisp, the stutter comes back in MS Edge. Either keeping it out or set to 'true', the animation plays smoothly. (Referencing a similar project I'm doing.) Have you experienced this?