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  1. Fluid movement reproduction

    Stroke and goo look amazing, I need to play with it The last 'meatball' - absolutely hypnotizing, played with it for 10 min, then I realized it's 2:45 and I'm playing with blobs in the middle of the night... ;] Thanks again, I have a lot of material to learn from when I wake up
  2. Fluid movement reproduction

    Thanks, @OSUblake @Carl That's more than enough - metaballs (first I have read this as meatballs : ) good to know the term I'll go through the post in a moment, overall looks like a good site to follow! Haven't seen that Chris video yet, loving it already. Many many thanks again, I'm on the right track now
  3. Fluid movement reproduction

    Hey I'm wondering if anyone had some experience with this kind of thing? My approach was to use MorphSVG - but I'm not sure that's the best way. If you guys have any thoughts how to handle this I'll be very eager to learn - just point me the way, please. Cheers !
  4. Thanks Sahil, That helped a lot, tho probably my question touches to many topics at once. I need to prepare more relevant demo for this because it's nth time I have problems with nested timelines - probably I'm doing something wrong over and over again
  5. Hello ! Got inspired by the last clean code video about dividing the animations into separate functions and controlling them via a master timeline - usually, I always created a new Tl01 02 03 04 etc then merged them into one master. To stop the timeline in the middle of master timelines I had to use tl02.pause() and it worked like a charm Now as seen in codepen the same thing does not work for the function-based master timeline - I feel like I'm missing something there. If you guys could tell me more about controlling multiple nested timelines - or point me in the right direction it would be fantastic! ========================================================== What I'm trying to achieve - right now I have animation with similar structure as in codepen - masterFunctions tl Few of my timelines are out of the global one (I want them to be in global timeline just can't get them play in the right moment if they are there) I'm trying to put all small timelines into a global one, have control when to play pause each of them and finally, on click reset EVERYTHING to initial positions and play again smoothly - right now I'm using masterFunctions.seek().play(0); for the reset, but I'm not sure that's the best option(?) Any help will be much appreciated !
  6. Continue animation from where it stopped

    @timdt Glad you like it ! Petr also created a cheat sheet that will for sure help you remember all the fancy stuff - https://ihatetomatoes.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/GreenSock-Cheatsheet-4.pdf happy tweening !

    Hello @Leo Nardo try looking for something like 'freelancer platforms' or simply try upwork.com
  8. Continue animation from where it stopped

    Hello @timdt If you want to learn quite a lot about GreenSock and what it can do, I strongly suggest https://ihatetomatoes.net/g101/ it's a free short course from Petr - he's a great guy, helped me a milion, made me actually like programming itself, same did the folks on this forum! Happy tweening!
  9. from opacity 0 to 1 and to 0 - perfect loop on a bezier path

    Hello Craig ! This was EXACTLY the case, thanks so much ! Swear I tried to solve it in similar way, had to mess something up, cus it wasn't working, then I got desperate and created that monstrous timeline combo ^_^' Happy tweening to you !
  10. Hello everyone ! I'm having a problem with the perfect looping of the leaves. This should play like : we see factory > the leaves gently show from opacity 0 up to 1 while traveling along the path > before the end of path they should slowly go to opacity 0 > the leaves gently show from opacity 0 up to 1 while traveling along the path > before the end of path they should slowly go to opacity 0 and so on and so on. I managed to do some crazy workaround that almost works, but the opacity jumps to 1 after repeat as shown in the pen. This looks like I'm missing something very basic here - if you guys know how to deal with this ANY help will be a huge help wish you a lovely day ! PS <g id="leaves">
  11. Eh, god, so I solved this by just scaling down the child elements instead of scaling down the whole group. https://codepen.io/Dikus/pen/JNdPrM Anyway I'm curious, why it scales down the motion path while scaling down the group ? If anyone will bump into this, just scale down the child elements using the svgOrigin of the element you would like to scale down. Nice tool for quick checking the svg Origin - https://gist.github.com/brunnolou/cab8c0a481ea78ff50dc works like a charm ! just paste the code into the console and enter the class/id in the prompt
  12. Hello everyone ! I have some very fun and complex thing to do, and any help will be much appreciated ! I'm trying to move SVG group along the path, scale it down, and then move elements of that group along different path. But when I scale down the parent element I also scale the motion path of the child element, and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong here? Or, maybe my approach is just totally bad. That is what I have https://codepen.io/Dikus/pen/EmaqbV And that is what I would like to achieve - of course the group should scale down, but the path should be the same https://codepen.io/Dikus/pen/EmaqLP?editors=1010 Final SVG - maybe this will help you to imagine what I would love to achieve - the last movement of the purple particle, should move along the purple stroke http://patryksmakosz.com/dev/spectrometer/ So, my question is - is it possible to scale down the main element, and do not scale the path with it? Wish you all the best ! PS pathDataToBezier just rocks! Probably I miss something big here
  13. pathDataToBezier Multiple objects on one path/orbit animation

    Thanks a milion ! Nice eyeball work ;D Great demo, that's very close to my planed result, thank you for the tip about the SVG, and once again for the overall help. I'm going back to dig up some more info about the svgs, and to their core itself - https://sarasoueidan.com/blog/svg-coordinate-systems/ - thought I know quite a lot about them - I wasn't prepared
  14. pathDataToBezier Multiple objects on one path/orbit animation

    Eh I feel so stupid! Thanks, I had that design from sketch and it was a bit messy process, I forgot to ask, how you calculated the exact svgOrigin points? Looks like that's what I did wrong there...
  15. pathDataToBezier Multiple objects on one path/orbit animation

    Yup, the blog is just awesome ! I need to catch up with all the posts there I have one more issue that changes everything - the orbits aren't perfect circles (damn you reality) This even wouldn't be visible - but the orange circle exposes that clearly http://codepen.io/Dikus/pen/BWNdzo If you can Jack, please expand a bit - what technique/s would you suggest? Of course any help will be much appreciated ! Thanks