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  1. Don't worry about the language bits... We all struggle and not everyone's a native english speaker. If you want to control all animations together, you might want to look into exportRoot() that will wrap everything into a single timeline that you can control separately. See if that helps you.
  2. Hi @Noturnoo, What do you mean by 'how to mute'? I am afraid your last question is a bit confusing. Could you re-phrase it? Thanks!
  3. What @Carl meant was to ask you if the your previous question he referenced was solved or not because what you are asking now is very similar to what was addressed there.
  4. Sneaking one in... You can reverse the whole timeline.
  5. Forwards? I thought you wanted it backwards? I still am not sure as to what you mean when you say that. Do you want the animation to move in reverse of what it currently is? Just slap .reverse() at the end of the timeline and it will play in reverse.
  6. Backwards in what way? Yes, that's possible and pretty simple. It just depends on what you mean by backwards. Add a third box, with its own id and make it move normally then add .reverse() at the end. var b3 = move('#box3'). progress (0.25). reverse (); I've added the progress() as well just to illustrate you can chain those methods together because our move() function returns a tween and therefore we can treat it as if it's a tween.
  7. I didn't use any obscure one. That's what I am warning you about. Just use whatever standard codec you have, if for some reason the video is not playing smoothly, you will know why.
  8. Here's an alternative setup - It does require you to write your own SVG code. The upside of it is a lot less code and the same result. I have even stolen @GreenSock's alignment trick to use it myself.
  9. I'm back! See bellow: The catch here is the video codec. You need to pay attention to that or the video playback is not going to be smooth. Sometimes it will look downright broken. I wasted a lot of time before realising it, thinking something was wrong with the code. I have left the original video you had as an example of bad Codec.
  10. They are following the same path. They are just not sitting on the same spot. All of those superfluous circles make it hard to troubleshoot your SVG because is a ton of code to read through. I can see you have some translation transform, matrix transform and data-svg elements on your SVG, they will be throwing your shapes off position. I know it is hard for you to know what to keep and what to not include when making a demo, you will get better with time. Just try and have as little code in there as possible to illustrate what you are trying to achieve. Two black squares going around one thick line is all you need in here. That will make spotting mistakes an order of magnitude easier. I would love to set an example up for you showing how little you need but I have to be bad cop here and make you do homework. Sorry. So, for now, remove all these other bits from your svg until you have the bare minimum. Put the animation back in and we will work on the offsetting of the second block after that.
  11. Hey @aleh! Welcome to the forums! The short answer is: when you go to another tab, GSAP's rendering slows down to next to nothing because of Request Animation Frame, that happens because performance. What you can do is link the playback of the video to the timeline instead of having it play on its own. If I get some time later on today, I'll put a pen here showing how you can achieve that (Or you can beat me to it and do it yourself).
  12. And here we go again. Could someone put a restraining order on @OSUblake to stop upping the game here in the forums? Some of us have to sleep, eat, go to the toilet, wash, et al, from time to time...
  13. That's very kind of you Alex. Do come back whenever you have any other question/issues. Or even just to take part in the forums. Happy Tweening!