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  1. OODNX

    IE problems

    Thanks Jonathan, good to know.
  2. OODNX

    IE problems

    Wow, thanks for your quick response Jack, that's a really simple fix that would've taken me hours of trial and error. Greensock Rocks!
  3. OODNX

    IE problems

    Hi I'm working on this robot animation (see Codepen) all was going swimmingly until it was pointed out to me some odd behaviours that were occurring in IE Edge. I'm having no luck debugging this and wondered if anyone could shed any light? Any help would be appreciated. Also frustrating, but something i'll probably work out eventually, on the second loop through (the second time the German box is picked up) the rotation of all the boxes is not right, i'm not sure why this is? Lastly, this is by far the most complicated timeline I have have attempted and i'm sure there are better/more efficient ways of achieving the same outcome. I'm always keen to learn so if there are any obvious GSAP features different structures I should be taking advantage of i'd appreciate the input. Many thanks in advance.