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  1. somnamblst

    AMPhtml WTF?

    It look's like the Animate prerelease that publishes for AMP may have dropped. Just posted on the Adobe forum "I tested the new tool and I do a lot of HTML5 banners for Google Ads for clients... Now I have to switch to AMPHTML clients can't load HTML5 ads anymore ? The conversion from HTML5 or from FLA works good but the publish do not work with symbols...just Images... and it does not work with Shapes. I would like to add script like HTML5 like stop timeline or interactivity like a focused exit button would that be good ?"
  2. somnamblst

    AMPhtml WTF?

    Am I being rude when I say I am not impressed by any of the examples, or components.
  3. somnamblst

    AMPhtml WTF?

    I don't know what they are trying to do. They made a premature announcement in early Feb., that the prerelease would have AMP functionality and they had to walk it back, saying not until it is stable, on Feb. 20. Still no update. Maybe it will be a new publish mode. I don't think it is just getting creatjs white listed.
  4. somnamblst

    AMPhtml WTF?

    I just have not cared for the GWD components. Nor heard anyone saying they love GWD. There may be some GWD gurus who could prove me wrong. As far as living on Google servers, don't ad files live on Google Servers if they are in DCM or DFP, and use Google CDN hosted GSAP?
  5. somnamblst

    AMPhtml WTF?

    The fact that Adobe is working on making Animate able to compete with GWD on AMP compliant ads, makes me think it is something that could change how we work., just via popularity of faster loading. Not sure why they are claiming AMP is more secure as a selling point.
  6. somnamblst

    AMPhtml WTF?

    Yeah, I had seen the video. My concern is that Google owns the ad serving platform. And that they push creators towards their way, GWD.
  7. somnamblst

    AMPhtml WTF?

    Is anyone hearing about Google pushing AMPhtml, no javascript allowed ads? I noticed the ask on the Animate Forum, and that there will be a pre release Animate product that addresses this, and that currently GWD is AMP production capable. Feb 20, 2019 6:00 AM (in response to nzb17299) It is still in development and needs to get to a stable state to be shared with the pre-release. Google Serves 11X More AMPHTML Ads Compared to Last Year
  8. somnamblst

    Animate CC vs hand coding

    Wow! I am especially interested in Intersection Observer. Would you be willing to share your Publish template?
  9. somnamblst

    Animate CC 19.1 change

    Apparently it is for live preview of your font, but I'd rather preview with my own text. Also you no longer hold down shift to constrain proportions when you scale. Try unlearning that muscle memory from years of doing that. Now it is opposite.
  10. somnamblst

    Animate CC 19.1 change

    And PhotoShop 19 inserts lorem ipsum by default at your cursor...
  11. somnamblst

    Animate CC and text, something to be aware of

    Turned out my issue was that the vector lockups that I had pasted from InDesign to Illustrator, to Animate, had some Dynamic text fields, despite my not having created any of the text. So that is why Impact reverted to Times. I know nothing about InDesign so not sure how that happened.
  12. If you don't see anything that meets your needs Studio does have chat. Expandables that deploy once without user interaction, and then contract to a pencil, that allows reexpansion on click, are called pre expandables. The 970x250 one is called an IAB billboard.
  13. somnamblst

    GWD, DV360, GMP and you

    I ended up pursuing incorporating Animate CC with Doubleclick Studio Dynamic successfully, (including creating Publish templates, that allow any designer to output Dynamic), despite Studio support absolutely being on record that they can't (don't want to) provide support, if you are using Animate. My coworker did a preliminary GWD Dynamic campaign with white glove support from Google, leading the way. The consensus was that GWD had several disadvantages. GWD is slow. GWD is no Animate. Using web fonts, rather than whatever font you want, varied the LTF of a lockup, substantially. Over the years I have saved lots of DCRM HTML5 templates, that for the most part seem to have been removed from the database.
  14. Hi Winnie, The HTML5 expandable templates should include that as it is a requirement that those types of ads have a frequency cap. Have you checked out the DCRM template database?
  15. Not sure if this helps, but my Studio Dynamic has URLs based on geo, and they are in the Google Sheet imported into Studio.