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    Importing Plugins in Nuxt.js

    I might have replied on the wrong thread, but saw multiple instances where people (including me) had difficulties with simply using the plugin in Nuxt. Not because of SSR, as such, but because Nuxt apparently doesn't allow ES6 imports. Just trying to help.
  2. blueblau

    Importing Plugins in Nuxt.js

    The ZIP now includes src/bonus-files-for-npm-users/umd/CustomEase.js which you can put inside a local folder (/vendor/gsap/CustomEase in my example) and import that inside the component. import CustomEase from "../vendor/gsap/CustomEase"; And now works as intended.
  3. blueblau

    Webpack and SplitText

    @bjn I can't get this to work. How did you include the util? I'm doing like this: import { TweenLite, TimelineLite, Power3, CSSPlugin } from "gsap"; import { Draggable } from "../vendor/gsap/utils/Draggable"; But I get the error you had about TweenLite still.
  4. blueblau

    Building a game with "physics"

    Hi guys, Thanks for the replies I ended using as you recommended. What an amazing project. Thank you for your time.
  5. blueblau

    Building a game with "physics"

    Hi guys, I'm about to make a game with at catapult/rubberband, somewhat like Angry Birds, but only vertical and not horizontal. You need to hit flying objects that "rains" down. I'm in the research phase right now, and I am thinking about using GSAP with it's Physics 2d, instead of going all out physics and using something like Matter.js. Do any of you have experience in using GSAP for games with Physics? I still haven't decided if I want to use DOM notes or Canvas.
  6. blueblau

    Scale3d in class-tween

    Hi guys, I have a timeline that animates between two classes. It works like a charm with the styling I've used so far, but it can't animate `scale3d`... Do you guys know if this is a known bug, or is there a known workaround? EDIT: I used Gulp with an automatic venderprefix, but I tried to add the vendor-prefixes manually and that worked.
  7. blueblau

    Tween classes with TimelineMax

    For crying out loud! I suck at this Thank you!
  8. blueblau

    Tween classes with TimelineMax

    Thank you! However, I have an issue where I'm trying to animate multiple elements at once. One works, but the second doesn't. I tried to add the CSS tween to the timeline in a different way, like the Greensock Timeline example with the Space Invader ghosts, but I think I'm doing somehting wrong, or doesn't it work with the cssPlugin?
  9. blueblau

    Tween classes with TimelineMax

    You are THE man! The link to the end result is here:
  10. blueblau

    Tween classes with TimelineMax

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new at GSAP, and I'm trying to control a timeline that tweens two classes. So what I am trying to achieve in my own Codepen linked to this post, is to control the timeline with the "progress" function. I can't wrap my head around how this is done. What am I doing wrong? The class tween example Timeline example