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  1. Sahil

    Not working in IE 11, MS Edge

    I am not sure what is going on here but but IE is doing really weird stuff. I would definitely recommend getting club membership and using drawSVGPlugin. I reduced the demo to 2 paths and I am noticing following behavior, If I don't use getTotalLength method then animation works but ofcourse you want to get length of path so not the solution. If I remove stroke-width from path then animation works even if I use getTotalLength. So basically using getTotalLength and stroke-width together causes animation to freeze. If I use both and instead of animating single path if I animate all paths then animation works. If I remove all other paths and use 'path' query selector then animation freezes again. I tried using different svg and it behaves same @GreenSock what is going on here? This has to be weirdest thing I have seen so far. I can understand that it can be rendering issue but how does getting total length affects it. Super weird.
  2. Sahil

    Perspective - Safari Issues

    Don't worry about it, it is still indirectly related to the forum. @Jonathan is CSS wizard, he loves taking on such questions. I am sure he would be able to offer the solution as long as it isn't a bug.
  3. Sahil

    Synchronize .progress() with mousedown

    Ya I am in same boat. Why would you bother with with recording time etc? Unless I am missing something, you are taking really wrong route to achieve this. And if you really want to use something like setTimeout then you can instead use delayedCall and update it on mousedown.
  4. Sahil

    Smooth page scrolling with TweenMax

    Depends on how you have implemented it. I noticed following error as I try to scroll, Though we can't really spent time trying to debug live sites. I would suggest to try implementing it from scratch on something simple. Once you figure out how it works you will be able to implement it on live site.
  5. No you can't do that with DOM. It uses paths to achieve that effect, which can only be used in either svg or canvas. Following is demo by waaark, it should be good starting point.
  6. Sahil

    How can I achieve this effect?

    Take a look at these two threads, it is pretty advance topic but demos in there would help you achieve the effect.
  7. Sahil

    Can't make that animation With GSAP

    Not exactly sure what effect you want help with, 1. If you meant the first title, it probably uses svg filter with displacement map. 2. If you meant scrolling effect, here are couple of threads you can read to achieve that effect. 3. The background animations are most probably videos, or you can achieve them using PIXI JS. 4. The skull that you hover on at the end is just simple image that is scaled up on hover.
  8. Sahil

    Charts / Data Visualization

    Ya certainly possible, here is one demo by @OSUblake and you will find some more useful posts and demos by him on forum or codepen profile.
  9. Sahil

    Animate to Inherit Interpretation Issue

    GSAP doesn't support 'inherit' and treats it as any random string that wouldn't be a color so it animates to default rgba value. I understand what you are saying about clearProps, I think it has to do with the how add method works. @GreenSock can explain more accurately what is happening in this particular case but in the mean time take a look at following thread with similar issue. I instead used set method of timeline directly and it works as expected.
  10. That is happening because your child timelines are paused so when you add them into the parent timeline, parent timeline starts playing but tweens remain paused. That's why when you click on 'play 1 and 2' nothing happens. When you click on 'play 1' and 'play 2' they jump because your parent timeline is complete and playhead of child timelines is tied to parent timeline. I doubt you can play child timelines independently, though you can tween them.
  11. Sahil

    onRepeat not working right

    Ya same approach could work by using staggerTo tween instead.
  12. Sahil

    onRepeat not working right

    Ya onRepeat fires after repeat delay. I am not sure how staggerTo will fit into this scenario. I think you can use timeline with set call at the end, or use onComplete callback of the tween inside timeline.
  13. Problem was your box was covering the buttons so subsequent clicks were not happening. You either change the z-index of the elements or change the order in html. Also, you don't need to add your tweens in the timeline, it is going to add new tweens to your timelines on every single click. Using tweenmax or local timeline is enough in this scenario. I also tweaked your conditions as second if statement was unnecessary.
  14. Sahil

    Troubles with .set()

    There are multiple issues with your svg and demo, 1. You need drawSVG plugin to draw paths, you were also using really old version of TweenMax. DrawSVG plugin is part of club membership but on codepen you can use drawSVG plugin for free to practice and learn. 2. You don't need to manually use document.querySelector, GSAP uses it internally so you can just pass your query string. 3. DrawSVG plugin only draws paths, some of your paths seem to have no stroke and only has fill so it appears they are not being drawn. 4. Your svg elements seems to be using inline transforms which can cause issues in some cases, please take a look at SVG gotchas thread. Also, manually chaining each path might make it hard to make changes in future, you can use stagger tweens to achieve same effects. Also take a look at couple of great posts on how to do handwriting effect by @PointC
  15. Sahil

    Parallax on scroll

    Ya they have different speed so it creates illusion of depth. Please go through the threads we mentioned, you would be able to modify them to achieve same effect.