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  1. It was pretty trivial to figure out what is updating what. Actually you need to seek the audio so it will resume from exact time where slider is. So on click event I am setting current time to tl.progress() * audio duration. Also, check this thread as it states some browsers don't return duration so you have to listen to event when metadata is available. Maybe using a audio library will be more useful.
  2. Chrome Dev Tools - animation pane

    BTW you can mimick those dev tools features just from console. Pause from debugger and it will pause ongoing animations. or enter TweenMax.pauseAll() in console and it will pause all ongoing tweens/delayed calls. TweenMax.resumeAll() to resume everything. TweenMax.globalTimeScale(0.5) to slow down everything that GSAP does and TweenMax.globalTimeScale(5) to speed up.
  3. Chrome Dev Tools - animation pane

    Ya those are for pure CSS animations, maybe you can use GSDevTools to debug what you are doing.
  4. infinite cube carousel

    Demo that fixes fast clicking, Demo with swipe only. I think to take advantage of all features of draggable, it will be a lot better to create a fixed rotating cube and change the images on the fly as it rotates.
  5. infinite cube carousel

    Ya like I said you can maintain a variable with reference to those tweens, so if cube is animating then you can ignore the clicks until animation finishes. Another option is to increase the timescale of ongoing animation and once it completes only then begin new animation, users will hardly notice this. And sorry I am not really feeling well, I was just excited to do it so gave it a try. All the best.
  6. Moving Element to a Position's Relative to Container

    Here is similar thread that suggests to animate transformOrign by using onUpdate callback. See if that helps. @GreenSock any plans to bring smoothOrigin to html?
  7. infinite cube carousel

    3D cube was one of the first thing that I did as experiment with GSAP. Following is the demo I created by modifying @OSUblake's demo in this thread. You may want to refactor some of the code. Everything is perfect except if you click too quickly the cube behaves like animating cards but you can avoid that by maintaining reference to tween and use it to ignore clicks if cube is animating.
  8. Business Green plugins with Angular / NPM

    Ya it made sense that's why I gave it a try.
  9. animated text challenge

    Here is what you want. In this particular case you can just make overflow hidden on h1 tags. Another way would be to use opacity 0 but it won't have that clipping effect. Otherwise wrapper is necessary. In your HTML you are using some weird spaces around id, kind of unnecessary. Also, not complaining but on codepen you have one cool feature to use, personally I love using it because it makes your code really readable. TidyJS, TidyCSS, TidyHTML under each panel, just try using it sometime you will love it too.
  10. Business Green plugins with Angular / NPM

    Thanks, that didn't really help. But I will let it be for now and revisit it again someday.
  11. Business Green plugins with Angular / NPM

    Ya my path is correct but first I get error asking to use allowJs, once I use allowJs I get following error, Searching for these errors on google hasn't been fun, you just get many unrelated results. Found one thread on stack overflow suggesting to use outDir but that just messes up everything.
  12. how to debug DrawSVG in Angular?

    I don't know why it happens, but it happens with few other plugins. If you console log DrawSVGPlugin before using it or just execute 'DrawSVGPlugin;' statement, drawSVG works. By executing it maybe just makes those functions available for you to use. But if you import it directly as follows, it works without needing to execute that statement. import "gsap/DrawSVGPlugin";
  13. Business Green plugins with Angular / NPM

    About allowJs, following is a pending thread where Dipscom suggested to use club files outside the npm modules by creating 'vendors' folder at root. I am trying my hand at angular recently and gave it a try. Using GSAP with Angular/Ionic has been pretty straight forward if I just copy them in 'node_modules/gsap' but when I tried include them as Dipscom suggested, I was getting same error as OP in that thread, any ideas?
  14. startDrag bug in chrome touch events

    Thanks Blake, I gave it a thought before calling it bug, in the end it wasn't.
  15. startDrag bug in chrome touch events

    Thanks Jack. On Android i am using Chrome 63.0.3239.111. On windows, Chrome 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) same behavior can be seen while emulating touch events from developer tools. Following video shows behaviour on same demo. I first noticed it while creating demo for other thread.