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  1. I have a 1 text field that displays a number sentence, i.e. 1 + 3 = ?. I would like to scramble the first and second number using the scrambleText plugin. I can accomplish this with multiple text fields, i.e, one for "1", one for "+", one for "3" and one for "= ?". However, that approach is cumbersome so I put everything into 1 text field. Is there a way to scramble some of the text in a text field or is there another way to do this? In this approach I only get one text item to display: //I want to scramble these two variables in on textfield var temp_c:String = c.toString(); var temp_d:String = d.toString(); //numberSentence.text = c.toString() +" + " + d.toString() +" = ?"; numberSentence.text = temp_c +" + " + temp_d +" = ?"; //this line displays the text., 1, {scrambleText:{ text: temp_c, chars:"09", speed:2}}); //This only displays temp_c. //I would like to get scramble temp_c and temp_d, where temp_c = 1 and temp_d=3, 1 + 3 = ? I'm using actionScript.
  2. BakerShoeMaker

    ThrowPops plugin not working withair sdk

    I will test with the new version. Also, the throwpropsplugin works with on ios. However, with any version higher I begin to see the intermittant results.
  3. BakerShoeMaker

    ThrowPops plugin not working withair sdk

    I believe I'm using TweenLite/TweenMax VERSION: 12.1.5. However, I don't think I've updated since February?
  4. BakerShoeMaker

    ThrowPops plugin not working withair sdk

    How can I tell which version of the TweenLite or TweenMax I am using?
  5. There is an issue with the throwprops plugin doesn't work with Air sdk Is anyone aware of this and if there is an upate to Greensock. I was having problems with the swiping motion in some places of my app where the scrolling motion would not give the appearance of movement. I have a book app where I'm adding pages dynmically and when the user swipes the pages, they appear as one continuous page. In places where it does not work correctly, the pages just appear, as if tapped and not swiped in a continous motion.
  6. BakerShoeMaker

    Using a variable for the Scamble Text Plugin

    Just answered my own question. I converted the number into a string. Then used the string variable in the scramble text code. Kudos for me! var progress: Number = (1/11)*100; var progressString:String = progress.toString();, 1, {scrambleText:{delay: 1, text:progressString, chars:"09", speed:0.2}});
  7. It is possible to use a variable for the scramble text plugin? For example, the text I am going to use will be a number that will vary in different situations., 1, {scrambleText:"THIS IS NEW TEXT"});
  8. BakerShoeMaker

    Tweening without a movieClip trigger. Is this possible?

    Thanks for your response. Sorry for responding so late. I didn't recieve an alert message for this post. The problem I'm having is figuring out how to add Greensock functionality (e.g. Throwpops, FrameLabel plug-in etc.) without triggering a movieclip. In my case I want the user to be able to swipe left or right to go to the next frame. It is a book project and I want the user to be able to swipe from page to page (frame to frame) I also want to add some visual interest as they swipe from frame to frame.
  9. I've been researching Greensock solutions that tween frames. I've found the FramePlugin, FrameLable, etc. However, each of those requires the trigger to be the movieclip. However, I would like for a swipe to be the trigger instead of touching or interacting with a movieclip. In the project I would like the user to be able to swipe left or right to go to the previous or next page (frame). Is this possible with Greensock?
  10. Is the SplitTextField Plugin not available for as3? (No?) If not, is there a plugin with similar capabilities?
  11. BakerShoeMaker

    Hovering Effect on images

    Carl, I tried it and its close to what I want but I need it to be smoother. I will play with the values. Thanks.
  12. BakerShoeMaker

    User Activated Scrolling Text on a MovieClip

    Yes! A perfect match. Thanks.
  13. BakerShoeMaker

    Hovering Effect on images

    Thanks Carl. I will try it out.
  14. BakerShoeMaker

    Hovering Effect on images

    Is it possible to create a hovering effect on an object using a Green Sock Solution? Instead of a static button I would like to have a button that looks like it is hovering.
  15. Does Green Sock have a solution for scrolling text? For example, lets say I have a text box (in a movieClip) with text that has a few paragraphs that are below the stage. I would like for the user to be able to swipe up and down to scroll through text. I checked out the blit mask solution but I'm not sure if this is the same thing I'm looking for ( If this is possible can some please provide a reference.