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  1. Thank you for considering my question. I worked around the problem by publishing the parent fla file as an application.
  2. Hi Carl, I know you don't deal with Flash anymore, but I am desperate to finish this rather large program and graduate with my Ph.D. in December. I have four child swf files that are loaded individually and never appear at the same time. They all load perfectly when the parent is run in the Flash IDE (AS3). However, running the parent outside the IDE as an swf results in only 3 of the 4 loading. I have checked each child swf variable declaration and loader function and all four are identical. Could the estimatedBytes be a determinant? var queueIE:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax(); var queueLoader:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("IntExtCode.swf", {name:"swfIE_loader", estimatedBytes:210000, container:this, x:5, y:5, autoPlay:false, onComplete:completeIE_Handler}); function completeIE_Handler(event:LoaderEvent):void { event.target.rawContent.setProbNumber(problemNumber); event.target.rawContent.setProbText(problemText); var myQueue:MovieClip = MovieClip(event.target.rawContent); myQueue.closeButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.Click, closeIE_Utility); } function closeIE_Utility(event:MouseEvent):void { queueIE.getLoader("swfIE_Loader").unload(); } function loadIE_FlowChart():void { this.addChildAt(queueIELoader.content, this.numChildren); queueIE.append(queueIELoader); queueIE.load(); } Thank you for any help you can give me, ChristiAnne
  3. I found it. I did it. I made the MCs alpha = 0 when the swf loaded. It's been months since I have coded this part of my ITS and I forgot I had done it to avoid some of the MCs floating over the swf - a jury-rigged solution to be sure...again, thank you for your quick attention to my question and I apologize for posting unnecessarily.
  4. Hi, I know you are not supporting Flash AS3 anymore, however, perhaps you can give me a quick tip (you did this on another issue and your tip solved the problem) as to why some of the movieclips on the parent disappear when the SWF is unloaded. I am using- var queueIE:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax; queueIE.append(new SWFLoader("IntExtCode.swf", {name:"swfIE_Loader",estimatedBytes:90000, container:this, x:5,y:10, autoplay:false, onComplete:completeIE_Handler})); in the complete handler is a listener for the close button which executes: queue.getLoader("swfIE_Loader").unload(); the swf is unloaded very nicely, but several of the movieclips (but not all) are removed as well. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! Xristi
  5. Hi, I found the answer to my question in a 2010 response from Jack, "Eventlistener for a button in loaded SWF" using your tip and works perfectly. Thank you for your help!! and for GreenSock!
  6. OK- Thank you for the tip. Appreciate your taking the time to respond... Xristi
  7. Hello, I am using LoaderMax to load a child swf and it works very well, including the transfer of two variables from parent to child. However, I cannot locate any code (understandable to me) on this forum that indicates the code necessary in the parent and the code necessary in the child to accomplish this. I was able to do it in AS3 with a listener or two and a dispatch event but couldn't transfer the variables. I'd much rather use LoaderMax anyway. This is the code for the loader in the parent: queueIE.append(new SWFLoader("IntExtCode.swf", {name:swfMainLoader", estimated bytes:90000, container:this, x:5, y:10, autoPlay:false, onComplete:completeHandler})); function completeHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { event.target.rawContent.setProbNumber(catPracProblemNumber); event.target.rawContent.setProbText(practiceProblemText_txt.text); } Can I put a listener (COMPLETE) in this function and use my regular as3 code that dispatches an event with a dispatchEvent in the child code? Thank you for any help you can give me
  8. Xristi

    function doesn't run in tweenMax delayedCall

    Yes, I tried to make it as bare bones as possible, but still retain what I really wanted to do, as long as I had your help Thank you once again, for your patience and considerable expertise. Your code works great... now on to coding seconds to minutes and minutes to hours.
  9. Xristi

    function doesn't run in tweenMax delayedCall

    Hi Carl, Yes, what you have worked. However, I am building a count down timer so it needs to delay the one second each time the delayed call is made. I have attached a small zipped fla file. The program goes to the delayed call function after one second, but then accesses that function without regard to the delay. Is there another code bit that has to go inside the parentheses so that the trace statement is printed nine times with a one second interval between each printing? CountDownTrial.zip
  10. Hi, I don't imagine this is a terribly difficult problem to solve - perhaps I can't see the forest through the trees. I have the following: TweenMax.delayedCall(1, countDown); function countDown():void { unitSec = int(inputTextFieldsArray[0].text); unitSec--; inputTextFieldsArray[0].text = String(unitSec); } if I append parentheses to the countDown function, the function is called and it counts down from whatever number is in the textfield like it's supposed to. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay any attention to the 1 second delay. Without the parentheses the function doesn't fire. Thank you for any help you can give me! The documentation shows no parentheses...
  11. Thank you for the response, I get: 1[object ContentDisplay] 2[object MovieClip] 3[object ParentMain] 4[object Stage] so one index off from yours. I checked my code and couldn't find any differences - but there must be something. I will look at it again, soon. Again, thank you so much! I learned more about as3 than just how to read variables/functions between parent and child-
  12. Hi, Finally got it to work. Thank you very much again, for your patience and expertise. I did have to juggle the number of parent(s) in ChildMain. The trace statement in init() took 4 and the MovieClip took 3 to get rid of the runtime errors variously regarding null objects and illegal conversions. This is how it looks in my code now: if(this.parent.parent) { trace("it's here"); trace("init " + this.parent.parent.parent.parent); //call a function in the parent fla MovieClip(this.parent.parent.parent).doStuff(); } As you can tell, I added parent (s), moving up the display list, until I received no RT errors - I see that you used 5 and 4. Why would it be different on your computer or is there something I am missing in my knowledge of such things?
  13. Hi, I meant that when I run the parent I got the null in the child, both from the first trace and the second trace in the if statement. I work in CS4, but I ran your code in a trial version of CC2014.1 exactly as presented. One last try - I have attached a zip file with my CS4 code (which fails to load the child, but gives no "null" messages either). Can you look at it and see why it is failing. One thing that puzzles me about you response above, though, is your reference to a variable myName. The code that I got from you uses the function doStuff. Maybe we are not looking at the same code?child to parent info passing.zip
  14. Hi, I can only get a null from the code referenced above... and, as you wrote, that means that I have the child swf running on its own. However, the onComplete function that I wrote into the code (in the SWFLoader in the parent) indicates that the child is loaded. What must I do differently? On a personal note, I am a 4th year PhD student in Ed. Tech. writing an intelligent tutoring system to teach story problem solution. I have been working on this system for over two years learning as3 as I go - your help is greatly appreciated as my target date of graduation is fall of 2015.
  15. Carl did a great job of explaining how to send a variable from the parent swf to the child swf using LoaderMax. Is the reverse possible?