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    Controlling Speed of Tween

    @PointC, @OSUblake, @Carl, @lennco Having spent sometime exploring your various suggestions I have realised I was approaching the problem from the wrong angle. The answer has been to not try to integrate Greensock tweening WITH / INTO Babylon.js renderloops but to use Greensock tweening for all the diving animation and using timeScale to stop and start the dive as needed. I feared a Greensock tween would not allow other Babylon.js operations while it was being executed but this proved not to be the case. So with your help, the problem is solved. Again many thanks. Richard C
  2. RichardC

    Controlling Speed of Tween

    I have a 3D project developed using Blender and Babylon.js. I have a submarine where diving (and movement /rotation) is controlled by the user. I want to use a Tween to control stopping the dive and all is well, except the tween is starting at a speed faster than the sub is already descending / ascending. Can someone please advise if and how I can control the initial speed of the object in a tween. Thanks very much Richard C
  3. RichardC

    Controlling Speed of Tween

    @PointC, @OSUblake, @Carl, @lennco Many thanks for your replies. I shall apply myself to your suggestions and see which works best. Happy New Year. Richard C
  4. RichardC

    Controlling Speed of Tween

    Sahil - Thanks for your reply. Sorry if I am missing something but to try to explain my problem a little more clearly. The object (in this case a submarine) is already moving (up/down) using the javascript based Babylon.js. I want the Back.easOut or Back.easeIn to start at a specific speed. Currently, the sub is already diving at a prescribed speed (as it happens the equivalent of 30'/mins) and I want the easeBack to commence at the speed the sub is already moving, ie to start at the equivalent of 30'/min and slow to 0'/min (with a slight overshoot and back). So the Q is, how to start a tween at a specific speed? Thanks
  5. Hi I have an image which, in this case is a fish that follows a Bezier path starting left to right and then "double backs" to the left. My problem is that the image inverts to upside down on the return path. What am I doing wrong please. Codepen URL attached. Thanks in advance RichardC
  6. RichardC

    Attaching tweens to each other

    I need some guidance please. I have two animations that are working fine. 1. A submarine moving off screen and scaling down to give appearance of disappearing into the distance. 2. A repeating stream of rising bubbles. What I need to do next, is attach the rising bubbles to the submarine so that they 'play' continuously tracking the sub and reducing in size on the same scale as the sub. I would be grateful for guidance as to how to achieve this please. Thanks in advance Richard C
  7. RichardC

    Triggering Animations

    Jamie Thanks. That's helpful. R
  8. RichardC

    Triggering Animations

    Just getting into Greensock and stumbling at the first hurdle. I am struggling to find out how to time when an animation gets triggered. I have a long one page site, divided into 9 sections of one viewscreen in height. How are animations triggered on each or any one of the sections as they are scrolled into or out of. Thanks in anticipation Richard C