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Afrowave last won the day on July 5 2015

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  1. Hi jbjanot, Thank you for the good work. And yes, I did exactly what you did. I can see a number of places where I will use this. It works as it should. Cheers and be .
  2. Hi jbjanot, Thank you for making your image slider. Saves us a ton of work . But if you change the "type: slide" to fade, the previous list item does not fade out as the "currentItem" fades in. I thought it was because I was missing some class "extra-slider-active" that is inserted when the item is the one highlighted. So I created a basic pen using your example code with text based items, to illustrate the problem. http://codepen.io/Afrowave/pen/vGQYQp
  3. Just tipping my hat to all of you guys. Being a former ES4 AS3 coder, this is the best discussion of "competitors" I have seen on the Net among Flash brothers. It has filled my heart with genuine warmth. So I will have a look at Popmotion, though I am in love with GSAP.
  4. That is fine Carl. I noticed that the Visualizer was working inside/on Codepen. How would one get involved with building a thing like this for and with GSAP?
  5. Hi Carl, I want to execute a moderately difficult timelinemax anumation. Every time I check out http://greensock.com/position-parameter I see the Visualizer. It reminds of Flash and I start getting illusions of an After Effects Timeline visualizer. Any news on this? Is it up for sale as a plugin? I would pay. I need to stop the illusions.
  6. Good stuff Frux, I was going through some AfterEffects to JS scripting stuff and obviously I thought of GSAP having a customEase somewhere. I like the "hack". It's . Another vote here for our GSAP solution to this.
  7. Diaco, you can't be serious! After creating a bald head, that is all it took? You are the man, okay, Wookiee
  8. Hi Carl, May we embed a CodePen pen into the forum body for easier access for everyone?
  9. Hi guys, Firstly, I love GSAP and the stuff I am doing to the Div here is wizardry. Here it is: http://codepen.io/Afrowave/pen/eNVXxL The plan is to scale the width div from a fixed size to the % of the screen size and height with a scale factor. That is working for the div. However, in the div there is text that being affected by the height scaling but not the width. I don't want it affected at all by the parent's scaling since it is warped. I have tried a reverse scale on the height, but to no avail. What am I doing wrong?