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  1. My "generic object onUpdate" approach

    Not just safari 9, doesn't work in ie 11 or below. Which is above 13% of the market. I keep seeing people use ClipPath, I would love to use it. However, 2 out of 10 people will see it as broken. Maybe am wrong, let me know.
  2. overflowed elements messing up my offset

    @OSUblake Thank pal, I was messing around with slight rotations as well things were not going very well clientX/Y feels like butter.
  3. Hi, Messing around with some parallax effects and noticed that my overflow-ed elements are throwing off my offset. Can I get offset of an element within the event somehow or a correct offset? Thanks
  4. Yup, still using gulp for now. Using comments for anything rather than a comment or commenting out doesn't seem right. You assumed correctly, there are other plugins out there. Found this guy https://github.com/viktorlarsson/gulp-inject-svg.
  5. Draggable item has no momentum

    I see, good idea. be sure to share it. certainly curious.
  6. Draggable item has no momentum

    Clever menu, can't say I've seen it before... I wonder if you will have to tell people to drag or is intuitive?
  7. @OSUblake Thanks, pal you are gentleman and scholar. My finest teacher of the web. Bummer about SVG sprite sheets. It seemed like a good idea to serve only one file. I guess with GZIP there isn't much to be gained. Need to find a solution for cleaner HTML now that am going to start to inline everything.
  8. Weird cause I can access it fine without a loop. Too many hours coding need to rest, I'll see what I can do in the morning with a fresh head.
  9. Been trying to target a class inside a SVG spite sheet for a couple of hours now. I can get as deep as USE. I am at a loss as how to get deeper then the first child. It can get to work outside a loop easily, still getting my head around how to use them. Hope I have not reached my question quota
  10. Get random numbers on each onComplete/onRepeat iteration

    Check this thread out, just passed through this myself.
  11. Target an array of timelines

    @OSUblake Thank you very much, just what I was looking for.
  12. Target an array of timelines

    If I put them in a master timeline I won't be able to alter their initial progress. I kinda just wanted to hear that using a loop was my only option. That there isn't a method in JS, like SelectAllArray or something. Thanks
  13. Target an array of timelines

    Probably don't understand something. But I don't want to target every timeline, as I have many timelines starting and stopping as you scroll down the page. Also discovered that exportRoot() with my code timelines[0].progress(0.3); seems to prevent my "tlTest" timeline from firing until the "timelines" is complete. Any clue?
  14. Target an array of timelines

    Hi, I get a "timelines.pause is not a function" when I try to target an array of timelines all at once. I know I can target them like so. timelines[0].pause(); timelines[1].pause(); but I would like to do something like this. timelines.pause(); like always, not a GSAP issue rather my lack of js knowledge So grateful to you guys.
  15. Having trouble using clearProps with repeat

    @OSUblake I actually bookmarked that canvas thread some time ago. There is some great information there, thank you for that. Looking -> forward to <-reverse engineering all of it