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  1. @anivendo can you explain a little more the "Cycle property for staggered animations" and "Enhanced Loop Functionality".
  2. @anivendo what are the effects "Automatic Call-To-Action Animation"? how do they look like?
  3. This is a great way to push forward the acquisition of GSAP as the standard for banner animation. I have created a tool that pretty much use for layout:
  4. Banner backup images

    Actually it just handle images (in this case an screenshot of the banner when it has finished), not code.
  5. Banner backup images

    I created this tool to help me out Back Up Screenshot Editor

    Leo intente con 5CROWD.com. Por lo menos hace las vueltas con el BN y conecta su cuenta con PayPal y está listo para cuando salga un trabajo freelance.
  7. Bannertime tutorial/questions

    @Gedas you might have advanced Bannertime adoption by a 100%. Great work!
  8. Javascript custom ease?

    T H I S I S A W E S O M E ! ! !
  9. Javascript custom ease?

    Is there a way to use other easing functions with GSAP without having to use the CustomEase plugin? Say I want to use this function for tweening: function bouncePast(t){ if (t < (1 / 2.75)) { return (7.5625 * t * t); } else if (t < (2 / 2.75)) { return 2 - (7.5625 * (t -= (1.5 / 2.75)) * t + .75); } else if (t < (2.5 / 2.75)) { return 2 - (7.5625 * (t -= (2.25 / 2.75)) * t + .9375); } else { return 2 - (7.5625 * (t -= (2.625 / 2.75)) * t + .984375); } } and then just do something like TweenMax.to("#ball", 1, {x: "+=300", ease: bouncePast});
  10. Freelance HTML5 Banner Ad Developer Opportunities

    I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Let's try it...
  11. Banner Production

  12. Banner Production

    Some resizing/repositioning and fix later methods like in wisebanner.com
  13. Bannertime tutorial/questions

    That is what I mean. Is there an explanation on how to use the Bannertime produced assets to implement the PSD design?
  14. Bannertime tutorial/questions

    I've read through all the documentation about Bannertime at https://bannertime.github.io/ It looks like a wonderful resource. However is there anywhere where I can learn more about the actual development process of the banners? How do I use an smart object? Where do I input the configuration object? How do I use the preload code? Any reference banner will be great!
  15. Layout Helper

    Please check my tutorial on my Layout Helper tool to create banners faster: