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  1. Banner backup images

    Actually it just handle images (in this case an screenshot of the banner when it has finished), not code.
  2. Banner backup images

    I created this tool to help me out Back Up Screenshot Editor

    Leo intente con 5CROWD.com. Por lo menos hace las vueltas con el BN y conecta su cuenta con PayPal y está listo para cuando salga un trabajo freelance.
  4. Bannertime tutorial/questions

    @Gedas you might have advanced Bannertime adoption by a 100%. Great work!
  5. Javascript custom ease?

    T H I S I S A W E S O M E ! ! !
  6. Javascript custom ease?

    Is there a way to use other easing functions with GSAP without having to use the CustomEase plugin? Say I want to use this function for tweening: function bouncePast(t){ if (t < (1 / 2.75)) { return (7.5625 * t * t); } else if (t < (2 / 2.75)) { return 2 - (7.5625 * (t -= (1.5 / 2.75)) * t + .75); } else if (t < (2.5 / 2.75)) { return 2 - (7.5625 * (t -= (2.25 / 2.75)) * t + .9375); } else { return 2 - (7.5625 * (t -= (2.625 / 2.75)) * t + .984375); } } and then just do something like TweenMax.to("#ball", 1, {x: "+=300", ease: bouncePast});
  7. Freelance HTML5 Banner Ad Developer Opportunities

    I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Let's try it...
  8. Banner Production

  9. Banner Production

    Some resizing/repositioning and fix later methods like in wisebanner.com
  10. Bannertime tutorial/questions

    That is what I mean. Is there an explanation on how to use the Bannertime produced assets to implement the PSD design?
  11. Bannertime tutorial/questions

    I've read through all the documentation about Bannertime at https://bannertime.github.io/ It looks like a wonderful resource. However is there anywhere where I can learn more about the actual development process of the banners? How do I use an smart object? Where do I input the configuration object? How do I use the preload code? Any reference banner will be great!
  12. Layout Helper

    Please check my tutorial on my Layout Helper tool to create banners faster:
  13. Animate CC vs hand coding

    That sounds SO cool! I can't wait to check it out. And I ask because I'm building my own layout tool as well. But mine is more of a WYSIWYG thingy. If you want to check it out let me know through inbox.
  14. Animate CC vs hand coding

    Can you elaborate on how do you automate the creation of Dom HTML tags and layout CSS?
  15. What is your layout technique for GSAP?

    I used to do spritesheets and then use backgrounds within divs. Now I'm using img's inside divs, I found this easier to update assets and create resizes. I must point out though that the spritesheets were updated manually and not using any good workflow (like SASS).