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  1. Timer with GSAP

    Thanks Davi ! It's strange though because the getMonth with +1 seems to work for the 11th month (November), which is this month. If you switch the day, you'll see it working-- Am I missing something ? I want to make sure, because this will run during the 12th month actually even though my test is in the 11th month (November)
  2. Timer with GSAP

    In case anyone is interested I accomplished it pretty easily. See this codePen, and change the date to see it work... I am wondering if anyone has experience with this running anything like this in a banner ad ? I am hoping there is not a reason that this wouldn't fire appropriately (inside of a banner ad)... or if there was a fail-safe to make certain that the script runs ?
  3. Timer with GSAP

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to create GSAP code so that I can send Animate CC to a specific frame only at a specific date (Month, Day and Year) and time ? I wanted to do this in Animate CC, and use GSAP so that I can send the timeline to a specific frame when we reach a certain date and time only... otherwise it would just play the regular timeline.
  4. Nested Timelines in Animate CC 2017

    This should help and show how to easily add nested time lines:
  5. Split Text and Browser Resize

    Great Demo PointC, and thanks for all your help yesterday
  6. Split Text and Browser Resize

    Hi PointC, I think I have it all correct in this codePen http://codepen.io/celli/pen/ryvXQQ I see my text split, but each lines doesn't animate in separately. I should be selecting the children of the #heroTxt Div I assume, to make each one animate in separately with random duration. Or maybe I'm not applying your demo correctly, or maybe my brain is scrambled at this stage.
  7. Split Text and Browser Resize

    wow. thank you PointC, I am studying this now, and see to apply it to my codePen.
  8. Split Text and Browser Resize

    That's great PointC. Thanks! I tried using cycle in my codePen and while it randomizes it, they still reach their end point at the same time, so some lines run quicker than others. That was a great idea though. The looping through an array to randomize the duration sounds like that will do it. I just have t figure out how to make that happen--do you know of an existing codePen that I can study to see how that can be achieved ?
  9. Split Text and Browser Resize

    You guys are the best. I would have been banging my head against my desk trying to figure out those other options. Thanks guys. I was also trying to add a random value to the time it takes each line to animate in, so that each line animates in more randomly staggered, as opposed to from-top-to-bottom in order. I added a random function randomNumber(2, 0.2) to my time, but I don't think that will work. Is there a better way to randomize the time it takes each line to arrive at the end positions ? New codePen based on PointC's advice: http://codepen.io/celli/pen/WpJgrR
  10. Split Text and Browser Resize

    hey PointC and Carl, yes, I see what you mean now with .revert() ! I included that into my resize function and that will work, if someone resizes the browser window, it just stops. One other thing is that I will have a few other timelines after this initial timeline and I set up a quick "red box" as an example that plays onComplete, and it looks like even though the first timeline animation isn't playing (because it's reverted) it still waits the amount of time it would have taken the staggering text to complete before triggering the onComplete event--Can I make that onComplete fire once we resize the window (only on the first time) ? Of Course if that fires every time the user resizes the window that wouldn't work well, But if it fires only on the first time, that would work. Or I can set up a master TimeLine (instead of the onComplete event), and jump to the label that would play my second timeline, but still I would need to control that to fire only on the first time... Do you think that is possible ?
  11. Split Text and Browser Resize

    Thanks Carl, I see your pen, but I don't see the text coming in line-by line anymore. Did you mean I can put that into a resize function and it would keep the text justified ? I tried that in my original pen, as well as restarting the timeline, but they don't seem to work. I might be missing something...
  12. Split Text and Browser Resize

    I have a simple Split text that animates in each line of text, and it spans the entire browser window width. I have two questions: I see that since it wraps each line in a <div> when I resize my browser, I loose the line breaks and it shows some lines that are truncated. Is there a way to avoid this, and have my split text adjust as I adjust my browser window size ? I wonder if we'd need some type of browser refresh script (every time you resize the browser window) in order to make that happen ? Also I noticed that I have my text set to 'justify' but it doesn't look like splitText honors that, does anyone know of a work-around for that ? To get the text from edge-to-edge maybe if we can't honor 'justify' so that it looks justified ?
  13. GSAP wiggle, and keep random positions

    yes, those are really great. Thanks! They give me some ideas.
  14. I have a simple wiggle in the codePen example, and I'm trying to see if I can save the position after each circle moves into it's first position and then move it around again randomly (all within the blue box). Right now when it wiggles, it returns to it's original position in-between each wiggle. Is that possible ? I looked at the 'swarm' example, but I am having a hard time making sense of the code, and I really would like to see how I can capture the position after it moves out into position the first time, and then move each circle around from that position each time it wiggles around. Thanks in advance.
  15. Particle Effect Refactoring

    Hi Dada78, I added this to your playEnd function and it will fade out the steam, and then remove it completely: .to("#steam, #steamPosition", 1, {autoAlpha:0}) .set("#steam, #steamPosition", {display:'none'}) hope that helps. -Celli