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    Convert Flash customease

    It works like a charm! Thank you very much for your kind support! Deeply appreciated!
  2. Paul_30419

    Convert Flash customease

    Hi, Thanks a lot for the quick reply! The problem is I don't know how the curve looks like. All I have is the data from the .as code. I tried to use the Flash tool ( to replicate the curve by examining the values in real time and comparing to the values I have, but I am not sure if I am doing the right thing and even if I could precisely adapt them, I am not sure what "M", "C" etc is all about, compared to the Flash array.
  3. Paul_30419

    Convert Flash customease

    Hello, I am trying to convert a customease from a Flash animation to JS but having difficulties using the visual tool because the Flash tool I found here doesn't let me enter the values I have in my code. I spent 3 hours trying to manage the curves but it's a nightmare! Is there any other tool available to do the conversion I need? What I have is CustomEase.create("accelEase",[{s:0,cp:0.07199,e:0.242},{s:0.242,cp:0.412,e:0.588},{s:0.588,cp:0.764,e:1}]); Thank you