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  1. problem was solved a lot easier than adding any other functions. it was good to research potential solutions and learn, but it was even better to discover how easy the solution was by simply using .pause() to reset/replay my timeline.
  2. The animation wasn't running when I called .set(). When I called .set() it wasn't able to properly reset all of the starting positions/properties the way I needed it to. It would have been a lot of work to set each individual element of my array back to the starting points. Thankfully the .pause() function saved the day by doing a lot of the heavy lifting.
  3. Hey guys, just solved the problem by using the below code in my replay function: // resets the letters in the wind effect to their start position tlTxtEffect.pause(0, true); I can't believe how easy the solution was and that is why I LOVE GSAP. It was great to learn a few things along the path to this solution, but I'm literally smiling ear to ear with how easy it is to reset a complex series on animations. It's sorcery I tell ya Thanks, Blake
  4. Hi there! I'm trying to reset the starting position of an array of elements when I replay my main timeline animation. I've tried using TweenMax.set to set the original state of each element but I'm not having much luck. var txtEffect = ["#w", "#s", "#r2", "#e", "#n", "#o2", "#v", "#l2", "#r1", "#a2", "#l1", "#u", "#l3", "#a1", "#o1", "#f1", "#f2" ]; function showTxt() { tlTxtEffect = new TimelineMax({ paused: false, }); // wind effect tlTxtEffect.staggerTo(txtEffect, 3.75, { cycle: { top:function(){ return Math.random() * 300 }, left: function(){ return Math.random() * -700 }, scale: function(){ return Math.random() * 2 }, rotationX: function(){ return Math.random() * 20 }, rotation: function(){ return Math.random() * -360 } }, ease:Power4.easeOut, }, 0.03); } Thanks in advance, Blake
  5. Blake

    Exploding text effect on bitmaps

    Thank you so much for the great tips, my friend! I'll give them a try.
  6. Blake

    Exploding text effect on bitmaps

    Hi there, does anyone know of a cool way to animate individual letters like an explosion? Trying to avoid using SplitText on html text. Would love to animate letters(bitmaps) from a spritesheet. Thanks, B
  7. Blake

    SVG isn't displaying correctly in IE11.

    Found an amazing fix for this issue! Respect to Nicolas Gallagher for the fix
  8. Hi there! I need help with the svg draw plugin. My animation looks/works great in Chrome, but in IE11 the svg that's animating isn't displaying correctly. Link to the animation. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Blake

    "Zooming" images appear pixelated whilst tweening

    Hi Jonathan, I'm a bit new at GSAP and was wondering if you could help with a bitmap scaling issue I'm having. Here's a codepen link with the code I'm working on. I've tried a few of the solutions people are writing about here in the forums, but my button is still pixelated. Here's a link to view the file on my server. You can see the "BUY NOW" button at the end of the animation Best, Blake