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  1. Hi @puneetsakhuja, Welcome to the GreenSock Forum. Here is a playful playground ... https://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/ewqLvL Happy tweening ... Mikel
  2. Hi @Demky, Please look at this page: https://greensock.com/docs/TimelineMax/reversed() .reversed( value:Boolean ) : Gets or sets the animation's reversed state which indicates whether or not the animation should be played backwards. myAnimation.reversed( true ); //sets the orientation to reversed myAnimation.reversed( !myAnimation.reversed() ); //toggles the orientation Happy tweening ... Mikel
  3. Hi @Rodrigo, Do you need ScrollMagic for your list? Happy scrolling ... Mikel
  4. Hi @haukeg, Sorry. My mistake. I answered too fast. Please try .invalidate () https://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/MMRRvN?editors=1010 Happy tweening ... Mikel
  5. Hi @haukeg, Please look in the docs: //begins playing from wherever the playhead currently is: myAnimation.play(); //begins playing from exactly 2-seconds into the animation: myAnimation.play(2); // for your case - begins playing from start: tween1.play(0); // or use: tween1.restart(); Happy tweening ... Mikel
  6. Hi @iloveaphextwin, Another option using a <span> (found here) https://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/NZJRQG Happy spacing ... Mikel
  7. Hi @greg_mich, This example illustrates the possibilities very well https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/17b4f47aa28f02e305dab386e9f79e89 Happy tweening ... Mikel
  8. Hi @JackyWang, Welcome to the GreenSock Forum. Interestingly case ... https://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/rEQRYL Happy tweening ... Mikel
  9. Hi @distrox, Welcome to the GreenSock Forum. .play(): Begins playing forward, optionally from a specific time (by default playback begins from wherever the playhead currently is). So try .play (0) or .restart() https://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/jjQerz You could use this QuickTip also. Happy tweening ... Mikel
  10. Hi @theastroco, Maybe it could go this way ... https://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/XLxLwz Happy tweening ... Mikel
  11. mikel

    Reverse SVG path ?

    Hi @WebDynamix, Really friendly comments ... Mikel
  12. mikel

    Reverse SVG path ?

    Hi @WebDynamix, Your case in a CodePen would be fine. More here ... Happy tweening ... Mikel
  13. Hi @Alexandra Spalato, You can also try to just rename the two buttons. Then just write the necessary css and the animation. That will be fine Mikel
  14. Hi @Alexandra Spalato, Probably there is a conflict with the css animation for the buttons .button { display: inline-block; padding: 15px 15px; box-shadow: 0px 10px 20px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25); -webkit-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out; /// !!!! transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out; /// !!!! font-family: 'Avenir'; font-weight: 500; font-size: 1.4rem; font-size: 1.6rem; color: #ffeae1; text-transform: uppercase; border-radius: 4px; border-bottom: 5px solid; letter-spacing: 2.4px; } Kind regards Mikel
  15. Hi @Alexandra Spalato, Welcome to the GreenSock Forum. It could work like this: https://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/zVjOJa Info to .staggerFrom: here Happy tweening ... Mikel