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  1. Hi @Ilse, I would like to pick up the hint of CARL. I don´t know your layout/concept, but you could define a 'hover area' as you want independent from e.g. the image. In this example the area is the #container (marked with green border): Kind regards Mikel
  2. Hi @OSUblake, Your Pythagoras tree has brought me back to school - to my first contact with this 'phenomenon'. In fact, the visual appearance was more important to me than the underlying trigonometric theorem: both the plain formula as well as the graphic representation have a very positive aspect. Therefore - to evoke this - here the attempt of a small animation: Sure, I know you can calculate the necessary values and develop a function for random examples. But I still need a couple of days ... Kind regards Mikel Off the record: while we call it Pythagoras' Theorem, it was also known by Indian, Greek, Chinese and Babylonian mathematicians plus a small group of OSU´s well before he lived !
  3. Hi @sunnie, Welcome to GreenSock Forums. Please have a look to https://greensock.com/position-parameter And: try to use visibility and autoAlpha instead of opacity; play with yoyo:true ... Kind regards Mikel
  4. Hi , I love the sounds of the sea, the seagulls and their screaming: Question: Can I combine morphSVG with cycle? .staggerTo(birds,0.8, { cycle:{morphSVG:["#bird1fly","#bird2fly","#bird3fly",]}, repeat:-1, yoyo:true, ease: Sine.easeOut},0.3) Kind regards Mikel
  5. Hi @ekfuhrmann, Welcome to GreenSock Forums. That´s a good version @Sahil codeded: a separate tween for autoAlpha. Here for the numbers also. Plus a 'slowGo' for controlling: Happy tweening ... Mikel
  6. Hi, Slowness often has something soothing ... Best regards from Hamburg Mikel
  7. Hi @carljohnston.uk, here are two interesting examples which could give some suggestions. An Image slider with a cool code using the ModifiersPlugin coded by @OSUblake: Another slider - concept of @Rodrigo - which provides perfect explanations especially the point "slideAnimating". Hope this can be helbful ... Kind regards Mikel
  8. Hi @OSUblake, That´s a real fake - not a fake news. Great ... Best regards Mikel
  9. Hi , With highcharts.js I'm not familiar. Here a 'hard' version (somewhat bumpy) to achieve the drag function : onPress, onDrag, onDragEnd activates a #dragCover (z-index , background: red) ... Perhaps one can help with these functions synonymous highcharts.js to pause mouseover etc. (?). Best regards Mikel
  10. Hi @PointC, I hope so. Otherwise I have to rotate ... The blink has to be improved! next time ...
  11. Hi folks, It is not the universe - just a small carousel: Thanks @PointC for the explanatory words. Enjoy tweening ... Mikel
  12. Hi @Carl, Thanks for your support. A really hard nut. This construct is super, ideal for many applications. Best regards Mikel
  13. Hi, and heureka. The with of wrapper should be 50px as in the original: Best regards Mikel
  14. Hi @explorerzip, Sorry, it is not the timing. It must be the position of #boxes. But it is to late for me today ... Hopefully one of the experts will have an eye on this. Best regards Mikel
  15. Hi, If you reduce the timing from 0.25 to 0 (line 11 and 26) it should be ok. Sorry - that´s no correct ...