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  1. mikel

    staggering data from multiple arrays?

    Hi, As JACK explains, multiple stagger timelines can do a great job, especially when combined with the cycle effect. Unfortunately, I did not manage to implement a cycle solution for the lines (hard coded here). Kind regards Mikel
  2. mikel

    onReverseComplete (setting Scope)

    Hi @jkellner, As a supplement to the note from @RolandSoos. If you want to take a little break, use a delayedCall () Happy tweening ... Mikel
  3. mikel

    Help to pathDataToBezier

    Hi @kosmo, Welcome to the GreenSock Forum. I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. So my interpretation. You need an open path, an open circle. The endpoints can be on top of each other. Here is the dry version without scroll action: For all friendship: Your code looks a little bit weird. Study the docs and build up piece by piece. Good luck and happy tweening ... Mikel
  4. Hi, It did not let me go ... Now its more or less safe. Mikel
  5. Hi @jukoor, For this I would use staggerTo () and an onComplete. Note that if you define an onComplete (or any callback for that matter) in the vars parameter of a staggerTo(), it will be called for each tween rather than the whole sequence. Happy tweening ... Mikel
  6. mikel

    .click event stopping tween?

    Hi @SummerBummer, If you tween the same object, the same property, you should have in mind what was and what is going on. A little more to overwrite here and in the docs overwrite: String (or integer) - Controls how (and if) other tweens of the same target are overwritten. There are several modes to choose from, but "auto" is the default (although you can change the default mode using theTweenLite.defaultOverwrite property): "none" (0) (or false) - no overwriting will occur. "all" (1) (or true) - immediately overwrites all existing tweens of the same target even if they haven't started yet or don't have conflicting properties. "auto" (2) - when the tween renders for the first time, it will analyze tweens of the same target that are currently active/running and only overwrite individual tweening properties that overlap/conflict. Tweens that haven't begun yet are ignored. For example, if another active tween is found that is tweening 3 properties, only 1 of which it shares in common with the new tween, the other 2 properties will be left alone. Only the conflicting property gets overwritten/killed. This is the default mode and typically the most intuitive for developers. "concurrent" (3) - when the tween renders for the first time, it kills only the active (in-progress) tweens of the same target regardless of whether or not they contain conflicting properties. Like a mix of "all" and "auto". Good for situations where you only want one tween controling the target at a time. "allOnStart" (4) - Identical to "all" but waits to run the overwrite logic until the tween begins (after any delay). Kills tweens of the same target even if they don't contain conflicting properties or haven't started yet. "preexisting" (5) - when the tween renders for the first time, it kills only the tweens of the same target that existed BEFORE this tween was created regardless of their scheduled start times. So, for example, if you create a tween with a delay of 10 and then a tween with a delay of 1 and then a tween with a delay of 2 (all of the same target), the 2nd tween would overwrite the first but not the second even though scheduling might seem to dictate otherwise. "preexisting" only cares about the order in which the instances were actually created. This can be useful when the order in which your code runs plays a critical role. Kind regards Mikel
  7. Hi @LeoZ And here is a variant for two clicks. However, very sensitive; the staggered buttons and the occupied places would still have to be blocked. Happy clicking ... Mikel
  8. Hi @LeoZ, I have no idea if something like this works with a double click (1st click: button selection, 2nd click: free field selection ??). Here a random version Kind regards Mikel
  9. Hi @LeoZ, If the objects are next to or above each other, it can work that way. If a random placement is required, a bit of math and some conditions are needed ... Happy tweening ... Mikel
  10. mikel

    .click event stopping tween?

    Hi @SummerBummer, Welcome to the GreenSock Forum. Your click function overrides the x value of the stagger one. So give it a try: 'overwrite: 0' Happy tweening ... Mikel
  11. mikel

    Text revealing animation

    Hi, Timing is also a matter of taste. I like it uniformly linear, both moves end at the same time. Kind regards Mikel
  12. mikel

    Text revealing animation

    Hi @evomedia.lt, Something like that ... Happy tweening ... Mikel
  13. Hi @meesrttn, You can adjust the height (?): .card-holder { height: 100vh; } Happy tweening ... Mikel
  14. mikel

    svg dotted line turns to solid on animation

    Hi @Lacika1981, A straight line on a solid background does not necessarily need drawSVG: Otherwise, it is advisable to look at the great examples of @PointC. For example, this svg-stroke-dasharray-quick-tip Happy tweening ... Mikel
  15. mikel

    replay child timeline

    Hi @friendlygiraffe, I´m not sure: The reason could be "An instance cannot exist in multiple timelines at once." An alternative could look like this: Kind regards Mikel