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  1. Using scope -solved

    Hi @OSUblake, Thanks for the hint and the lessons. For mousewheel, button and key it is now ok. Kind regards Mikel
  2. on compete of staggerTo

    Hi @gareth, This could be a way ... Happy tweening Mikel
  3. Hi, To stop the animation abruptly, this version would be feasible:
  4. Using scope -solved

    Hi, Before switching to the next slide I would like to insert an 'out'- animation (lines 175 -176 instead of line 178). Is the scope not correct? It is a fork of https://greensock.com/forums/topic/13270-animate-content-in-fullscreen-slides Kind regards Mikel
  5. SVG Gotchas!

    Hi, Already a Greek mathematician said: Noli turbare circulos meos! Chapeau!
  6. How do I make those arrows always point to a target

    Hi @OSUblake, Fascinating logic. As always very instructive. I like it: Thanks Mikel
  7. Nested SVGs: Inconsistent behaviour

    Hi @Dipscom, Not every circle is a circle ... TweenMax.to('.circle, circle', 1, {scale:0}) Best regards Mikel
  8. staggerFrom same Point

    Hi @friendlygiraffe, I do not know what @PointC would recommend. This is a possible version - see CSS and comments: Kind regards Mikel
  9. Masks within masks question.

    Hi @SBURR, Welcome to GreenSock Forums. This can be one way: Or: https://codepen.io/mikeK/pen/OxbjWe Happy tweening ... Mikel
  10. Collapse SVG tile onclick

    Hi @Melvin, you can use the individual data (I set them into your SVG) as var and tween the OUT-tile back - as here: There is no need for a new class. Just tween all back (= .theme): Happy tweening ... Mikel
  11. Diagonal mask between 2 images

    Hi, This night I have dreamed of Pythagoras and the recent pen of @OSUblake: It was a good dream ... Have a nice day Mikel
  12. Diagonal mask between 2 images

    Hi @rob.janssen, This is a fork of another genius pen of @OSUblake: Only as a suggestion: try it with a background image in top and bottom. Kind regards Mikel
  13. Move then tween on a path???

    Hi, The SVG is generated in INKSCAPE, an open source vector graphics editor. The output was optimized in SVGomg. Ask a graphic artist for support. Kind regards Mikel
  14. Move then tween on a path???

    Hi @SLSCoder, This is just a simple example: centered SVG, animation of parts of the SVG: It is - as others have already recommended - manageable to create a SVG, to place it and to animate its components. A well-meant advice: Try what is possible for you. Best regards Mikel
  15. Do we have a chance ?

    Hi, The gulls are flying* ... Only gulls - mmhhh. Here in a 'short story'. Sometimes I want to change** the world - at least a little bit. But it will take some time. Be patient. Kind regards Mikel * A fork of Blake´s code (his pen). Morphing by 'cycle' and handling some risks. ** The will-change property provides a way to hint people about the kind of changes to be expected on an element, so that we all can setup appropriate optimizations ahead of time before the element is actually changed. By the way: The claim originates from a poster on a pub door in Hamburg during the last G20 summit. Everything else is f(r)iktion.