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  1. mikel

    Stop animation function

    Hi @Sahil, What speaks against a shorter version with 'pause (0)' ? Kind regards Mikel
  2. mikel

    Svg blob transition effect

    Hi @harp30, Probably you are looking for the scroll animation. Not serious, just a little gimmick: Maybe it will put you on the right track. Happy tweening ... Mikel P.S.: @Sahil , thanks for pointing out the video from @chrisgannon. Awesome type. Very creative ... Lets cycle ...
  3. mikel

    Slider transitions with GSAP and Scrolling

    Hi @yulia , Again the hint: a CodePen would be very helpful. You may be able to try this: Everything you need can also be found in the docs. For example: .getLabelBefore () Happy tweening ... Mikel
  4. mikel

    Animating CSS Loaded SVG Background

    Hi @jimmymik, In addition to the hint from Sahil, I would say that a simple animation is easier to realize with inline SVGs. No background image is required for your example. Otherwise, I recommend the work and tutorials by Chris Gannon: a tutorial an article and my favorite Happy tweening ... Mikel
  5. mikel

    Slider transitions with GSAP and Scrolling

    Hi @yulia, It would be good to judge your case and problems in a CodePen. "animation: 'bgscrolling .1s infinite'" is not a GreenSock parameter. "repeat: -1" lets this tween run infinitely here, it does not go on to the next tween. "transform: 'scale (1)'" is not a GreenSock parameter. Please take a little time for learning GSAP. Best regards Mikel
  6. mikel

    MorphSVG to occur when slider transitions

    Hi @jiggles78, Another version "Scroll the blob" Happy tweening ... Mikel
  7. mikel


    Hi @neokid2416, Welcome to the GreenSock Forum. Use it as an archive for many stimulating suggestions. And post your questions whenever you like. Happy tweening ... Mikel
  8. mikel

    Slider transitions with GSAP and Scrolling

    Hi @yulia and all scroll fans, It's a bit crazy, but it's a lot of fun: Happy scrolling and tweening ... Mikel
  9. mikel

    Slider transitions with GSAP and Scrolling

    Hi @yulia, Here's an attempt to revise the slider variant for your purposes. The scroll function is only limited feasible: Best regards Mikel
  10. mikel

    Slider transitions with GSAP and Scrolling

    Hi @yulia, Slider transitions may not be the best solution for your purpose. To animate a scene piece by piece could be solved as follows: Does that help you? Happy tweening ... Mikel
  11. mikel

    Using ScrollToPlugin on wheel event with ease

    Hi @nicoladelazzari, That's the result of this special ease InOut. It starts very slowly. Try e.g. ease: 'Power4.easeOut' Best regards Mikel
  12. mikel


    Hi @PointC, My post is just the happy message that I have solved it. I was trapped and here I found the solution. Thank you very much Mikel
  13. mikel


    Hi, For a recurring animation I wanted to tween a fromTo-Progress and ran into the 'trap' immediateRender. So here's an example: when multiple fromTo () - based tweens are animating the same proprets of the same object. And applied here in a thoroughly funny cartoon for a serious cause: Kind regards Mikel
  14. mikel

    External SVG TweenMax.set rotate (on load)

    Hi @sali and the kat, I'm not sure what your problem is. A small case (CodePen) would be great. Just like here: Happy tweening ... Mikel
  15. mikel

    Text Animation Mask

    Hi @PaoloDoma Are you looking for such an effect? And just for fun: Happy tweening ... Mikel