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  1. Diaco

    Scaling parent and child element

    Thank You! missed you all.
  2. Diaco

    Scaling parent and child element

    oops, my bad!
  3. Diaco

    Scaling parent and child element

    Hi @hanslibuzli Hmm, there's another simpler way; pls check this out : var zoom = 2; TweenMax.to('.outer',1,{scale:zoom,onUpdate:function(){ TweenLite.set('.inner',{z:0.2,scale:1/this.target[0]._gsTransform.scaleX}); } ,repeat:-1,yoyo:true })
  4. Diaco

    Gsap Slinky animation

    Hi @DD77 pls check these out : and the second one: are these what you looking for?
  5. Diaco

    SplitText dropping indents/formatting

    Hi @geddski At first, for the Club GreenSock bonus plugins on Codepen; you can find the codepen safe versions here: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/OPqpRJ And about your issue; pls try to wrap your spacing entities with a span tag. <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;.....</span> Splittext completely respects to <br> tags. btw, you can use "&emsp;" instead of "&nbsp;"
  6. Diaco

    Using Throw Props with scrolling

    @Carl Thank you!
  7. Diaco

    Using Throw Props with scrolling

    Hi rgfx Your section's width is bigger than its child and content doesn't overflow, try to remove section's width in your CSS or set to smaller value
  8. Diaco

    Using Throw Props with scrolling

    Hi Rick May pls check this out :
  9. Diaco

    Reset draggable origin

    Hi hugonoro pls check this thread : http://greensock.com/forums/topic/15550-draggable-elements-return-to-previous-position/
  10. Hi phidur if I understand correctly what are you trying to achieve, you can simply use draggable trigger property; pls check this out: http://codepen.io/MAW/pen/GNParR
  11. Diaco

    One Timeline.play() triggers another's play()

    Hi bds glad you find a way, but I think this can help you too: http://codepen.io/MAW/pen/mOaYbY
  12. Diaco

    How to play to X time ?

    Hi heldrida pls try this : var myTween = TweenLite.to(elem, 1,{x:100 , paused:true}); // your tween or timeline TweenLite.fromTo(myTween,1,{progress:0.5},{progress:1}) // tween from to target progress TweenLite.fromTo(myTween,1,{time:0.5},{time:1}) // tween from to target time
  13. Diaco

    How do I apply a class animate child Elements?

    Hi Guys pls try this : CSSPlugin.cascadeTo(".parent", 1, {className:"+=on", delay:2}); http://codepen.io/MAW/pen/KNrBVb
  14. Diaco

    svg wave

    in addition to Dipscom answer , if I understand correctly ; pls try this : var tl = new TimelineMax({ repeat:-1, yoyo:true, repeatDelay:1 }) .from(["#path1","#path2"], 1, {drawSVG:"0%", ease:Power2.easeInOut}) .to(["#path1","#path2"], 1, {drawSVG:"100% 100%", ease:Power2.easeInOut})
  15. Diaco

    Staggering scale multiple g elements inside a svg

    Hi iuscare you just need to set transformOrigin like this : TweenMax.staggerFrom(listItems, .4, {scale:0,transformOrigin:'center'}, 0.3);