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  1. Darrel

    GSAP tweens in Lectora

    Jack, you are incredible! Thank you! You just made my job fun again.
  2. Darrel

    GSAP tweens in Lectora

    I'm apologize, Jack. I misspoke of throwProps causing an error if not loaded. Thank you for the correction. Here is an export from Lectora that shows a text block working with Draggable and an arrow shape image that does not.
  3. Darrel

    GSAP tweens in Lectora

    Hi Sergey, thanks for the reply. The issue is not with textbox objects. I mentioned in my post that I can get them to work; it's images and shape objects that do not work. They can be tweened but do not work with draggable. I don't know if it is because they are made on the fly? I tried every idea I could think of including attaching the scripts to the end of the page and hooking them by class. I see in the exported html that the images and shapes become new objImage instances while textboxes become objInline instances. I briefly looked through the travantis-inline.js and travantis-image.js to see the functions creating the instances but could not pinpoint what is locking down the objImages. By the way, in case anyone else is trying to get this to work, throwProps is only available to paid Greensock memberships (I'm business green) you'll need to leave it false or the script will throw and error (no pun intended).
  4. Darrel

    GSAP tweens in Lectora

    Sergey, have you tried to use Draggable with images in Lectora? I can TweenMax them but I cant drag or rotate them? I know the link to Draggable works because I can make text blocks rotate. Any idea's?