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    Draggable - set the content position (scrollTo)

    Hi, thanks for your welcome @Rodrigo allready tried but doesn't match my needs @Jack exactly what i need many thanks ! var ghostScrollPositon = { scrollLeft:myDraggable.scrollProxy.scrollLeft(); };, .7, { scrollLeft:560, ease:Power4.easeInOut, onUpdate:function(){ myDraggable.scrollProxy.scrollLeft(ghostScrollPositon.scrollLeft); } });
  2. Hi all, i've got a Draggable that works pretty nice Draggable.create(jContainer, {type:"scrollLeft", edgeResistance:.8, throwProps:true}); I'd like to animate the x position of my content when clicking on a button outside the draggable{ //here, move my container content inside the draggable, .7, {x:-560}); }); i can't find how to...