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  1. tufik2

    React Native Support

    Here I leave a repo in GitHub with a React Native demo app and some explanation about how to implement the plugin in your project. The performance using Direct Manipulation is really good, specially when compile our apps in a release version. https://github.com/tufik2/TweenMaxRN Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ioghw2t7ua5agpn/video.mp4?dl=0
  2. tufik2

    React Native Support

    @OSUblake Yes, I could make a repo the next week in GitHub with a demo and public the link here...
  3. Hello, thank you for your answer. i have created a method that replace the old TimeLine for the New TimeLine with the new tween and move the next tweens to the new position but i have a new problem. I use offsetOrLabel param too and i don't know how get a array with this related values. When i create the new TimeLine the offsetOrLabel param lost. Is possible get the offsetOrLabel info related with the specific tween? Another question when i create a new timeline, add new tweens objects and labels, I can see (firebug: console.log(timelineMax)), a object with all labels added, Would be good have anothers object with all real data of tweens including offsets data, etc. Similar to labels Something so: real_tweens = [{tween:Object, offsetOrLabel :"=-10", etc}, {tween:Object, offsetOrLabel :"labe1", etc}] ------ In resume i'm creating a page with Ajax load content. All with TweenMax transitions (similar to parallax effect). When i be (example) "Works area", i need to load a work description and add this new HTML content to the time line just after the "work" label and move the next transitions example 2 secons after. The only problem that i have to resolve is get all data "offsetsOrLabel " too, and do a correct replica of the old timeLine.