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    Animation Glitchy when scrolling page

    Thank you all for answering the question. The examples you have given were great and helped get me through this issue. I do have one question though. Why use rotation:0.01? Does this kick in the GPU? Todd
  2. TShelton41

    Animation Glitchy when scrolling page

    Hello, I have created a very simple animation that animates HTML sections onto the page when the page is scrolled. When I scroll I notice some glitching on the animation. I have tried CSS animation and it works fine, but want to understand why I'm having this issue with GSAP. I have attached the codepen I have created and when you scroll a little faster on the page you will notice the issue. Thank you, Todd
  3. TShelton41

    TweenMax rotationX with Canvas and EaselJS

    Thank you Jonathan, Carl and Jack for the quick replies. It was always worth a try. If I find any good libraries I will let you know. I might just have to fake it for now. Keep up the great work Jack and Carl.
  4. Hello, I'm using TweenMax to try to do a rotationX on a Bitmap that I have added to the stage using EaselJS. Does anyone know if it is possible? I have looked at this post but it has been over a year and I didn't know if something might have changed. http://community.createjs.com/discussions/easeljs/462-integration-with-greensock-tweenmax-tweenlite Here is the code: _rodHolderCover = new createjs.Bitmap("images/rodCover1.png"); stage.addChild(_rodHolderCover); _rodHolderCover.addEventListener('mousedown', handleKeyDown); then in the event handler I have this. TweenMax.to(_rodHolderCover, 1,{rotationX: 180}); rotation works great and so does x and y,