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  1. Yeah serious.. ive been following that. I see the same type of constant changing things in their UI/UX for their apps. I dont think they even follow their own Material Design guidelines, because the past 5 years their UI and UX have been really anything but usable with constant changes of features and layout. Not to mention that stupid AMP (accelerated mobile pages) stuff that now they give SEO ranking preference too and force AMP search results. Some of there responses in that thread especially their solution is really weird like in comment #122. Asking you to paste a CSS animation rule in your codepen. Not even sure why they thought that would solve an issue creating needless CSS animation rules and @keyframes. Its weird how they say its hard to implement JS driven animation when in previous versions of Chrome, like 8-9 versions ago they had it working and then broke it again.. like twice. Here is a codepen with there proposed solution (forked from your codepen with their keyframes animation).. very weird behavior (view in Chrome): .. its like we are trading full blown blurry jitter for a semi-blur mumbo jumbo. Lets see what they say to your last response. Pretty weird to drive the JS animation on the creation of some fake CSS animation that wont even run. I found that very odd when i first read his response, and that their solution will get very hairy, very quickly.
  2. Thanks jack, I understand you need to keep it as visibility inherit. I was just talking about doing a temp change in your local CSSPlugin file to see if visibility inherit was causing an issue in Chrome for what Blake posted about autoAlpha. To see if Chrome introduced a new render bug with CSS visibility. But based on my second post it looks like its more of an issue with Chrome changing again how stuff renders, as usual. It looks like will-change needs other CSS properties like perspective to fix the blurry snapshot like it used to in Chrome 19 and Chrome 29. When they fixed it so you didnt need other CSS properties to fix their blurry or jitter bugs.. but then they fixed it .. and then broke it.. and then fixed it again.. to yet again break it again.
  3. @OSUblake , @GreenSock, and @Carl To get rid of that blurry text not related to scaling in Chrome you need to add both perspective and transform-style to the parent (.header-content) of the .small-title and .large-title the blurriness goes away. Chrome needs those properties to apply the snapshot correctly since CSS will-change triggers new layer context. CSS will-change replaced the transform: -webkit-translateZ(0) hack. And those missing CSS properties let the browser know its hardware accelerated since perspective and transform-style tell browser its a 3d context. I also tested with transformPerspective and that also works on the element itself. Which is the same anti-aliasing webkit bug from Chrome 19. So basically the same Chrome bugs are still infesting our animations. Tested in latest Chrome and i saw no blurry rasterized text. .header-content { position: relative; height: 100%; width: 100%; -webkit-perspective:1000px; /* needed to prevent bluriness in chrome with will change */ -webkit-transform-style:preserve-3d; /* optional but best to include to prevent bluriness in chrome with will change */ }
  4. Nuts its is Good Sirs.. I'm curious if internally to test, if you had GSAP set the visibility property be set to "visible" instead of "inherit" while interpolating autoAlpha.. what type of behavior Chrome would do? Since inherit is more of a global CSS visibility value instead of an actual value which is either "visible", "hidden", or "collapse". It looks the spec shows the interpolation of visible as a discrete step whereas inherit is not mentioned in the Animation of interpolated Property Types spec. Maybe Chrome is misinterpreting "inherit" in this case since it has been real sloppy lately.
  5. Hello @ianben and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum! Sorry your having an issue! What does your html <head> tag looks like with the included scripts. For GreenSock TweenMax you should just be able to include from cdn so its cached and loads faster. <script src=""></script> Place that in the <head> of your HTML page or right before the ending </body> tag. Then place your custom GSAP code below that <script src=""></script> <script src="/js/custom-gsap.js"></script> Or if you dont want a custom external script than just do this: <script src=""></script> <script> // custom GSAP code goes here </script> Does that help? If not please provide some code or create codepen so we can better help you, Thanks
  6. The only way to get border-radius on IE8 is to fake it with a polyfill like CSS3Pie But you wont be able to animate it, at least not in a easy way. GSAP can only animate the properties, in this case CSS3 properties that are already supported in the browser. If the browser does not support the CSS property border radius in IE8 then GSAP cant animate it since it doesn't exist in the browser. Besides, Mircosoft doesn't even support IE8 anymore
  7. Hello @kitxune and welcome to the GreenSock Forum! Looks like i saved too slow Jack beat me to the punch with a better answer It wasn't animating due to you missing the quotes around your relative position parameter value -=4 should be "-=4" You had this -=4 without quotes .from("path",10,{drawSVG:0},-=4) But it needs to be in quotes: .from("path",10,{drawSVG:0},"-=4") See position parameter: Does that help?
  8. Great Job explaining your solution Carl.
  9. You should check out the examples i provided for the scrolling event. But for smooth scrolling you can try and use ScrollMagic, which is a scrolling management tool that uses GSAP as its animation platform. Also @OSUblake did a simple scroll like magic with less bloat But some others in the forum might be willing to share there code of something similar
  10. Hello @janCapricorn and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum! You might want to look into throttling and debouncing for scrolling events to prevent jank and get smooth silkiness. Since your code will be firing an insane amount of times due to how the scroll event fires.
  11. Hello @JensK and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum! Can you please give us some additional info on what is the desired behavior and the order of what you want to animate. It will help us understand your issue more. So this way we have a better idea what it is supposed to visually happen when the "score" button is clicked, versus what you see happening now. Thank you
  12. Hello @hendrikeng and Welcome to the GSAP Forum! You might want to check out this post regarding WebPack. But your better off just including your GSAP scripts from the CDN Happy Tweening
  13. Hello @nmalakar and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum! You forgot to include jQuery script in codepen, that's why it wasn't working for your jQuery click event handler. Happy Tweening!
  14. Hello @j4ck and Welcome to the GreenSock forum! I'm a little confused on what your asking. Could you please more specific in what HTML content you want to replace. Like what is the CSS selector of the element, etc.. Any additional info will be greatly appreciated!
  15. Hello @Han Lee and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum! I can see alot of people in the community finding this to be a time-saver. Thanks for sharing