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  1. setTimeout on hover before starting the animation

    If you want a different animation for the reverse, I'd take a look at this recent post by @Carl. That one is dealing with a click, but you can make it work with hover as well. Happy tweening.
  2. setTimeout on hover before starting the animation

    Hi @Léo Durand For something like that, I'd recommend giving each element its own timeline which can play/reverse on hover. That way nothing gets 'stuck' when you hover on/off too quickly. Something like this: Hopefully that helps. Happy tweening.
  3. z-index on animated image

    Hi @nick2price You are correct - this has nothing to do with GSAP. I'm honestly not sure where the z-index problem might be since you're loading the Bootstrap CSS along with your own style sheet. It's a lot to look through and I've never used Bootstrap. My advice would be to try it without Bootstrap even if it isn't pretty. If the z-index works correctly without that external CSS, you'd at least have a place to look. Here's a basic example of an image sliding up from behind the next div. You'll notice setting a z-index is not even necessary because of the natural stacking order of the DOM elements. Hopefully that helps. Happy tweening.
  4. simple Tweenmax set - not crossbrowser ?

    There is some overlap between CSS properties and SVG attributes so it can be a bit confusing. Check out Jack's answer here: Here are the docs for the attribute plugin. https://greensock.com/docs/Plugins/AttrPlugin Happy tweening.
  5. simple Tweenmax set - not crossbrowser ?

    @mi_cky Because Chrome lets you get away with a lot of craziness sometimes, but just because it works now doesn't mean it will work in the next release. As the Good Sir @Jonathan will tell you, he tests in Firefox first because that follows the spec. @Shaun Gorneau - it's Friday so that's completely understandable.
  6. simple Tweenmax set - not crossbrowser ?

    You're setting an attribute. Please try it like this: TweenMax.set (".T_Range", {attr:{ x: minrange, width: maxrange - minrange }}); Happy tweening.
  7. Performance issues with storyboard animation

    You can just listen for enter/leave events. Happy tweening.
  8. scrollmagic + greensock starts immediatley

    Yeah - my fault. I should have asked if you were familiar with the setPin() method first. Here's a link to the docs for it: http://scrollmagic.io/docs/ScrollMagic.Scene.html#setPin Happy tweening.
  9. scrollmagic + greensock starts immediatley

    Sorry, you've lost me now. I was referring to setting a pin with ScrollMagic. Here are a few demos from other forum questions, but they all show how you can pin a section for a duration, have some sort of action and then release the pin. Unless I'm missing something obvious here, I would think that would work perfectly for your needs.
  10. scrollmagic + greensock starts immediatley

    Okay thanks. Before I look too closely at your code, I'm wondering if there's a reason you're not setting a pin on that scene when the hero and monster appear? Does it have to change to fixed for some reason? Thanks.
  11. Best way to start with GSAP

    In addition to the advice above, I'll offer one piece that helped me. I started by copying and pasting tweens from the work of other members. That's fine for your first few, but after that, you'll learn more by typing out every character of every tween. It gives you a better feel for the syntax and you're going to make mistakes. You'll invariably miss a comma or semicolon and sometimes forget to close your curly braces. This will cause errors that will need to be fixed in order for everything to work. Those mistakes will teach you a lot more than having everything work perfectly from a copy and paste. Just my two cents worth. Happy tweening.
  12. WAAPI-Powered GSAP? Unlikely

    Well written and great info Jack. I’m glad to hear that you’re not trying to force GSAP onto WAAPI. It would be cool to access additional threads, but everything that we would lose in the process would make that a bad trade. Sacrificing custom easing would be terrible. Easing is the foundation of great animations. As much as I enjoy writing code and learning more and more about JavaScript by hanging out here, at the end of the day I’m an animator first and a coder second. Whether it’s GSAP, After Effects or C4D, I just like putting those pixels into motion. GSAP allows me to do that with confidence. I have a feeling as people try to push WAAPI, they’ll be somewhat frustrated with the limits and browser inconsistencies. That’s one of the most beneficial features of GSAP – it just works. I can animate first and not have to worry if it’s going to work in the various browsers. If a bug is encountered in some new browser version, you usually have it fixed quickly. Plus there's a plugin for every occasion. I’ll certainly mess around with WAAPI, but I can’t see myself using it for much of anything important when I have access to GSAP. As it matures, who knows? We’ll see where it goes from here. GSAP is already the leader and I’m sure when 2.0 happens, the well-deserved reputation for quality and performance will only grow. There’s my two cents worth.
  13. scrollmagic + greensock starts immediatley

    HI @thatkookooguy If I understand your question correctly, then - yes - setting immediateRender to false should take care of that problem for you. .set('.hero-fight-parallax.fixed', {display: 'block', immediateRender:false}) Hopefully that helps. Happy tweening.
  14. Draggable Greenhorn

    My guess is that you're trying to use the symbol because you'll have a bunch of those sliders in the final project? As Sir @Jonathan mentioned, you shouldn't be animating elements in the <defs>. use could be tricky since you're animating several different pieces of the symbol. If it were me, I'd create one slider then loop through and create all the copies you need with clones. With that loop, you can set up individual tweens and controls on each copy. Just my two cents worth though. Happy tweening.
  15. Text reveal animation

    Here's an SVG version just to give you some options. Happy tweening.