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  1. PointC

    Just another hitTest

    Happy New Year @mikel It's a never-ending journey, isn't it? I'm sure we'll all continue to learn cool things in 2019 by hanging around the GreenSock neighborhood. Keep up the great work.
  2. PointC

    Morph two SVG's

    PS I don't think you'd need to morph the weights on the bar unless you plan to distort them a bit. I'd probably group those rectangles and give them a slight rotation and tiny x/y move when the bar bends. Just my two cents worth. Happy tweening.
  3. PointC

    Morph two SVG's

    Hi @Tech Nomad Welcome to the forum. If you want to use the morphSVG plugin for this, you need to have a start and end target path for each morph. You can take advantage of loops to make your life easier. Here's a basic example with three paths. You'd just add any ease you like for that effect. You can also give each path a unique ID and loop through like this: The morph plugin is a Club GreenSock perk. More info about that here: https://greensock.com/club Hopefully that gets you started. Happy tweening and welcome aboard.
  4. PointC

    Blake's flame is hot

    Congrats Professor Bowen! I see your flame demo in the Collective and the Awesome Demos of 2018. https://tympanus.net/codrops/collective/collective-478/ https://tympanus.net/codrops/2018/12/27/awesome-demos-from-2018/ Amazing work as always! 👍
  5. PointC

    Splittext wrap lines in lines?

    You can split twice like this: Happy tweening.
  6. PointC

    Trying to scale up a specific path from SVG

    Hi @PinkMeNow I'm not sure how you're adding the symbol instance since you didn't post that part of the code, but you should be able to add it like this: <use id="dotClone" xlink:href="#dot"/> Then you can animate it like this: // via the ID TweenMax.to("#dotClone", 3, {scale:5}); // or use works too TweenMax.to("use", 3, {scale:5}); Hopefully that helps. Happy tweening.
  7. PointC

    Two sliders synchronized

    I was pretty confused by this too. That owl carousel demo just looks like some thumbnails that control a slider of images. There are numerous examples of that around the forum and on CodePen. But as @Carl mentioned, a demo of what you'd like to achieve would be most helpful. Happy tweening.
  8. PointC

    Simulating Drag on Event.

    Hi @Noturnoo That site to which you linked reminded me a of a slider I posted a few weeks ago. Maybe it can help. I added drag & throw, nav dot, arrow and mousewheel controls. I think it has most of the behavior you're looking to achieve. I linked the draggable to the time() of the nav dot and slide title animation timeline on the bottom of the screen. That website slider has more fluid movement than mine, but you can certainly add all that. My slider doesn't loop because we use this for sales presentations and storytelling and the last panel is always a call to action. I notice that slider on that website doesn't loop either so maybe that's what you need. Hopefully that helps a bit. Happy tweening.
  9. It's best not to mix CSS animations with GSAP as a fight for control can result from that mix. When you use the Morph and Bezier plugins to have an element follow a path, you can quickly set the element to its starting position by using .progress(1).progress(0) before you start the animation. When you're ready to add the amazing MorphSVG plugin (& many more) to your JS arsenal, be sure to check out Club GreenSock. https://greensock.com/club Happy tweening.
  10. You'll see in my example above that I used a background rectangle set to the same dimensions as the SVG (1000x500). Always start every AI --> SVG project with a background rectangle the same size as the SVG. You can delete it once you export, but it will keep everything sized properly and your coordinates will be where you expect. I talked a bit about this technique here:
  11. PointC

    How to make SVG draw from one side?

    Yeah, it sounds like you may be converting that stroke to a compound path or something. If you do have a complex path with a gradient or the stroke width varies, you can draw it with a mask. You can also check out my post about exporting from AI here: Happy tweening.
  12. Yeah - great job @Noturnoo. It's good to see you jumping into the forum more. Getting to 1,000 likes is tough when you're up against @Sahil. You'll have to type really fast to beat him. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing he types about this fast when he sees a new question on the forum.
  13. PointC

    Water Ripple - Constant Loop

    Hi @fencepencil How about something like this? Does that help? Happy tweening.
  14. PointC

    Start animation at the end of a section slide

    We do have to keep our support focused on GSAP here. That being said, I made this example as an answer to another forum question and it may help you. It uses pins and triggers a new animation for each panel. Happy tweening.
  15. PointC

    Objects, coordinates and paths

    I'm wondering if @OSUblake or @Sahil will be the first to launch: youmightnotneedsvg.com. Or maybe it'll be a joint effort: blakeandsahilsayyouwillgetbetterperformancefromcanvas.com