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  1. Text Color Change (blend-mode effect)

    Moving an object over another object is certainly in GSAP’s wheel house. Having one object affect the color (not with respect to blend modes) of another where an overlap occurs sounds like a good use of CSS masks and positioning.
  2. Changing Multiple Background Images

    In that case, I'm glad I could help!
  3. Changing Multiple Background Images

    You can do it with a set ... but my bigger question is, what is it you're trying to achieve? I have a hunch that what you want to achieve can be better handled without multiple background images.
  4. Animations are slow

    What we really need is for you to isolate (or consolidate) the issue down within a simple CodePen.
  5. Custom animation clock source

    Here is an example using an HTML video. Notice pausing/playing/scrubbing the video will control the timeline's playback position.
  6. Custom animation clock source

    What I mean here wouldn't be GSAP polling anything ... it would be your own code requesting the progress value (or currentTime/duration) and passing that to a Tween/Timeline's .progress(). GSAP is doing nothing to request it ... you're pushing it to GSAP.
  7. Slide in and out not working well

    Well, I would just do a quick comparison of the in-slide's speed value and the out-slide's speed value ... and set the out-speed to the in-speed if out is greater than in. Or, just have the configuration speed only control in-speed ... and that same value always dictates the out-slides speed.
  8. Custom animation clock source

    Seeking is one use of that for sure. But you can constantly poll the progress attribute of your external object and pass that value to the Tween/Timeline's progress() to control its playback.
  9. Slide in and out not working well

    It's a bit tough to understand the issue you're facing. I'm going to try to break it down to see if I understand correctly. You have an environment where the HTML author can determine the speed and direction of a slide's movement both onto and off of the viewing area. I'm assuming with data-attributes on the slide element ... example <div class="slide" data-direction="left-to-right" data-slide-speed=".5"></div> If the user has a faster timing on the out-slide than that of the in-slide, there will be a noticeable separation of the two while they both tween to their new positions. Am I understanding correctly?
  10. Custom animation clock source

    If you can tap into the progress property of the external object, you can pass that value to the .progress() method on a Tween or Timeline. Example timeline.progress(.5); This is a method used for lots of things, most commonly tying the tween/timeline to a scroll position.
  11. Animating modals

    Glad to help @alfianridwan !
  12. How have you used GreenSock?!

    Ah ha ha, nice! I would love to know what Tesla is using it for!! (time to go pick apart some sites )
  13. How have you used GreenSock?!

    I think many of us feel that way!! GSAP has certainly raised the bar and lowered barriers!
  14. Transition Between Pages with GSAP using BarbaJS

    Very nicely done @Noturnoo!
  15. Trying to repeat a new animation onComplete

    Perfect! Glad to help