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  1. ziraga


    Reach out to Disxt agency. I've done for them and are very responsible when it comes to pay time.
  2. ziraga

    Bannertime tutorial/questions

    +1 on the template idea.
  3. ziraga

    Is this a good way to loop an animation?

    added looping to the codepen using onComplete to call a replay function and onCompleteParams to pass a label that is in the timeline.
  4. ziraga

    Bannertime tutorial/questions

    I don't think there is a tutorial on how to use bannertime. The one thing I never used, was the smartobject. It just didn't fit the way I work. As for the script loader, just add the script url that you want to use into the array and the politeLoad function will loop through it and add it to the head before anything in the banner runs or gets called.
  5. ziraga

    Moving over from GWD to handcoded

    Bannertime would be the best way to go, once you get familiar with it, you can modify it so that it uses your own templates.
  6. ziraga

    Array of movieclips moving to same place

    you are looking for the staggerTo function.
  7. ziraga

    Is this a good way to loop an animation?

    you don't need both Timeline libraries, just use Timelinemax. Also, there is a lot of code that you don't need. Take a look at this to start and some else can show you the 100 ways to do a replay which at these moment they all escape my mind for some reason. lol
  8. ziraga

    Bannertime tutorial/questions

    This is very vague and last I check, bannertime doesn't have a detail explanation on how their tool works. is there anything specific that you are trying to do? I have a clone of bannertime but use my own templates. The one tool that I had to get very familiar with, was gulp.
  9. ziraga

    Weborama HPTO Templates

    Thanks, There are two problems 1. is the right and left skins and the way it previews the scaleable content div. 2. the Header HTML has 2 states which I have no idea how to preview with their respected sizes. I'm assuming I have to put it on their environment to preview everything but I have not used their services before so I don't know what the process is.
  10. ziraga

    Weborama HPTO Templates

    Anyone here familiar with weborama HPTO and how the hell it works? there is so little documentation that is hard to simply preview a file just to work on it. http://specs.weborama.nl/nl/html-publisher-persgroep-vk_parool-hpto
  11. can you explain what "refreshes hard" means?
  12. ziraga

    Inline video autoplay on mobile

    Android post on autoplay. https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2016/07/autoplay
  13. Volcanoflash, those are some really nice banners. Here are mine, http://felipepadilla.com
  14. ziraga

    Inline video autoplay on mobile

    The way Ad companies are getting around the whole autoplay video on mobile, is by converting the video to an image sequence and when you touch it, it gets replaced with the actual video. (I know Sizmek does it that way) The good news (or not) though is that Android and IOS will start letting video autoplay pretty soon. why you ask? well, everyone knows that the autoplay video ban was imposed to save battery life and processing power, but it turns out that playing an image sequence does more "damage" than actually letting the video play.
  15. ziraga

    Sizmek CDN

    you should be ok if you use the regular CDN links. I've used them before with Sizmek and haven't had any problems.