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    We are hiring talented banner animators

    Hi, i'm free, here's my portfolio : See you soon Best
  2. graphoeilmultimedia

    Looking for a remote Junior developer!

    Hello, is your research in remote working still relevant? My book (I use a lot of greensock and jquery and I work from-scratch in mobile-first).
  3. graphoeilmultimedia

    legal information

    Hello everyone, I plan to write a book in French on creating website with jQuery and GSAP. Do I need the permission of Greensock to talk about GSAP in my book? Same question for jQuery. Thank you for your replies. Frederic
  4. graphoeilmultimedia

    HELP - Works in firefox but not chrome

    Hello, try : $(window).scroll(function() { var offset = $(this).scrollTop(); if( offset >= 100 ){ var tl = new TimelineLite;".red", 1, {left:00} ); } }); Cordialy Frederic