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  1. GreenSock

    Trying to prevent jumping after animating height

    There are many ways to do this, but here's one: Basically, figure out the height based on the parentNode's change in height. Does that help?
  2. I just forgot to document it (until now). Thanks for the reminder
  3. GreenSock

    Destroy scrollTo funcitionality

    Hm, it sounds like maybe you're creating a tween with selector text that doesn't actually return anything when that tween renders for the first time. You can kill() the tween, of course (like if you're removing the element and you no longer want the tween to run). ScrollToPlugin does NOT use addEventListener() at all. The error you're getting would only occur on the very first render when the tween is trying to figure out the starting/ending values (which it caches for the rest of the tween's duration). If you're still having trouble, feel free to post a reduced test case (maybe and we'll try to take a peek. Disclaimer: I have zero Angular knowledge/experience.
  4. GreenSock

    Trying to prevent jumping after animating height

    Welcome to the forums, @jschins! Hm, we'd really need to see a reduced test case to see what's going on. How are you getting the height? Using element.offsetHeight? And is it display:none at that point or visibility:hidden? Once we see a codepen, I'm sure we can offer some assistance. Cheers!
  5. GreenSock

    RotationY not working in version 1.19.1 and above

    Yep, exactly. Originally we applied transforms via the CSS transform property across the board, and only fell back to the "transform" attribute on SVGs in certain browsers that didn't support CSS, but we eventually discovered quite a few browser inconsistencies and problems with CSS transforms on SVG elements, so we switched to being consistent with using the transform attribute across the board. Also keep in mind that the SVG spec doesn't support 3D anyway, so I certainly wouldn't recommend trying 3D stuff with SVGs at this point. You can, of course, use a 3D transform on the SVG container itself, or put it in a <div> with a 3D transform - you just can't do it reliably on SVG elements themselves, like <path>, <circle>, <rect>, etc. Happy tweening!
  6. GreenSock

    Stagger from the last element

    Yep, using a negative stagger is absolutely fine - it'll go through the array in reverse order.
  7. GreenSock

    This skew effect when using draggable?

    I love a challenge, so I took a crack at it here: Notice that it skews in a more natural way based on where you grab it, so if you grab the top, it'll skew in the direction you pull and if you grab on the bottom, it skews the other way so that it feels like it's being pulled by the mouse similarly. It uses a proxy as well as velocity tracking. I made it stop immediately whenever the user presses down while it's moving too, killing that lerp stuff. Hopefully it feels pretty natural. Does that help?
  8. GreenSock

    This skew effect when using draggable?

    Sure, it's totally doable but I don't have time right now to rebuild it all for you from scratch. You could just use an invisible <div> that's on top of the images as a proxy of sorts, and just tween the position of the "real" element(s) to match the proxy. And since you're a Club GreenSock member, you have access to ThrowPropsPlugin which can track (and report) velocity of anything, so you could tap into that inside of an onDrag or something. Hopefully that gets you going in the right direction. Let us know if you need anything else.
  9. GreenSock

    Draggable rotate API?

    I'm confused. Can you provide a reduced test case in codepen that demonstrates what you're talking about? I can't imagine how/why doing a tween outside of Draggable would somehow affect liveSnap functionality when dragging.
  10. GreenSock

    xPercent, yPercent outputting pixel values

    Hm, that's really tough to diagnose blind. Got a demo somewhere we can peek at? I'm having a really difficult time thinking of what'd be getting in the way unless you're targeting the wrong element or something(?) Or maybe you're using a really old version of CSSPlugin but a newer version of TimelineLite? I dunno. Once we see the problem in action, it'll be much easier to diagnose. Have you tried updating to 2.0.2?
  11. GreenSock

    transformOrigin giving unexpected results.

    Hm, it's very difficult to troubleshoot blind and it's odd that you can't replicate the issue in codepen, but it almost sounds like when the transformOrigin is being set, the element has a zero width/height. Have you tried using a TweenMax.fromTo() instead of two calls, a set() and from()? That'd give you the most flexibility to specify exactly what you want things to start and end at. If you still need some help, it'd be super incredibly helpful to see a demo of it not working somehow
  12. GreenSock

    Tips for making SVG bitmap scale smoother?

    Some browsers apply pixel snapping which makes scaling jerky - you can force the browser to avoid the snapping by rotating the image slightly, even like 0.1 degrees. And for the record, the SVG spec doesn't allow 3D, so setting z:0.01 doesn't do anything for you
  13. GreenSock

    Draggable rotate API?

    Oh, sure, you can just animate it:"#wheel", 1, {rotation:180}); Is that what you mean?
  14. GreenSock

    Animate value halfway through onUpdate?

    No problem at all. Happy tweening!