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  1. DrawSVG with variables instead of values

    Great catch, Craig. That's definitely a browser rendering bug. I worked around it now by adding this to the tween: strokeMiterlimit:Math.random(). Silly, I know, but changing the strokeMiterlimit is a way to force the browser to re-render the path/mask. Seems to work well for me now. I'll add this fix to DrawSVGPlugin itself in the next release as well.
  2. DrawSVG with variables instead of values

    As usual, @PointC is right on. For the fun of it, I made a little dynamic demo that'll plot things around a circle and show you how to convert angles into the drawSVG % values so that you can do your variables accordingly: Just click on any of the green dots and you should see what I mean. That assumes you want to always start the drawing at the top. You could change that, of course. Hopefully this gets you headed in the right direction. In any case, a mask is likely what you need. Happy tweening!
  3. Question: How create a conditional TimeLine?

    1) Exactly. 2) You shouldn't need to mess with autoRemoveChildren, no. If I were you, I'd probably just re-create a new TimelineLite instance each time you need to play things in whatever order you want, and add() the timelines to it accordingly. You don't have to keep re-using the same master timeline (though you're welcome to if you prefer). Remember, a child animation's playhead is always controlled by its immediate parent (their playheads are aligned). This gives you lots of flexibility and keeps things pretty intuitive. Have fun
  4. Question: How create a conditional TimeLine?

    I'm not sure I understand your question. Wouldn't it be as simple as: if (variable === true) { TL4.TL.add(someOtherTimeline, position); } ? (I have a strong suspicion that I misunderstood though) Or maybe you meant: if (variable === true) { var master = new TimelineLite(); master.add(TL1.TL).add(TL2.TL).add(TL3.TL).add(TL4.TL); //assumes you want them to play in sequence. } If you need help, the best thing to do is to create a reduced test case in Codepen (without your real NDA-clad assets) and post it here so we can poke around and see what's going on. Happy tweening!
  5. TweenMax.staggerTo and pause

    Your wish is my command, @Acccent Done.
  6. Interacting with labels in nested timelines

    @multivac would you happen to have a reduced test case that shows it not working? That'd be super helpful. Maybe a codepen?
  7. Responsive tweens with function-based values

    Really nice, Blake!
  8. ModifiersPlugin not working on scale?

    Alright, I've updated the beta accordingly.
  9. Infinite animation low fps

    Sure, you could totally do that with GSAP, no problem. But I don't think it's the animation technology that's the biggest problem. background-position is always snapped to whole pixels, so it'll never be perfectly smooth even if the CPU and GPU are barely busy. I'd strongly recommend switching to transforms which can do sub-pixel rendering and get GPU acceleration. I'd venture to guess that 98%+ of the load has to do with graphics rendering, NOT updating the animation values. The key is to minimize the area that the browser must repaint. You're offsetting your background-position by huge values (offscreen), so it's probably putting a lot of extra load on the browser. If you really want to maximize performance, I'd bet that a canvas-based solution would be significantly smoother. PixiJS is a nice library for that if you're looking for one. You could be to create a <div> with the background-image the way you have it now, but make that div wider and taller by exactly one tile (so if your tile is 100px by 100px, you'd make your div fill the entire area PLUS 100px in each direction and set the container's overflow to hidden) and then animate the translateX/Y (for GSAP, it'd be simply "x" and "y") and loop that. Here's a forked example: Does that help?
  10. It is possible to dispose() slowly?

    Sorry, @lwmirkk, I don't entirely understand the question and I can't think of any way that dispose() could be forced to free memory more slowly (that seems quite undesirable actually). Also, for the record, the AS3 tools haven't been actively supported for years but you're totally welcome to use them. Cheers!
  11. Three.js properties

    You guys crack me up. Ha! Brightened my Sunday, that's for sure. Craig, you're definitely developing a style with those clever images with overlaid witty captions.
  12. ModifiersPlugin not working on scale?

    Interesting point - so are you saying you'd prefer that the tween instance be passed as the 3rd parameter?
  13. Custom animation clock source

    Yep, Shaun's approach seems right on to me. There isn't a way to hijack GSAP's root-level timing mechanism, but that really shouldn't be necessary (well, at least from what I can see). You can simply pause() the timeline/tween and then have total control over its playhead by setting either its time() or progress() in whatever way you please. See what I mean?
  14. Does jQuery :animated scope GSAP Tweening?

    Ah, okay. Well, I certainly wouldn't call GSAP a "CSS selector" by any stretch. It simply taps into document.querySelectorAll() by default, or jQuery if it's loaded (not necessary). GSAP is solely focused on solving animation problems - it's not really meant to do super advanced selections in the DOM or anything (beyond querySelectorAll() which is typically all you need). I suspect you can do pretty much anything you want animation-wise directly with GSAP. jQuery isn't really focused on animation (though it does some basic stuff...albeit much, much slower). Anyway, let us know if you need anything else GSAP-wise. Happy tweening!
  15. Does jQuery :animated scope GSAP Tweening?

    Hm, I don't quite understand the question. @soupking are you asking if GSAP adds some sort of pseudo class to all the elements it animates? No. But you can use the getTweensOf() method and set the "onlyActive" parameter to true. Is that what you're looking for? Maybe it'd help if you explained the "why" behind your question and we could toss some suggestions your way.