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    Sorry, I'm not following what you're trying to do here. Are you trying to strip away part of the path like this? Hopefully that helps. I'm just not understanding the desired behavior.
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    It worked!! Thank you so much, Craig
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    Happy to help. That's how we roll in the GreenSock neighborhood. Let us know if you have any more GSAP problems or questions. We're here to help. Happy tweening.
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    Hi @cam obrien Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure I understood the question completely. Is this what you needed? Just an FYI, the drawSVG plugin makes this type of animation easier and fixes browser inconsistencies. More info: https://greensock.com/docs/Plugins/DrawSVGPlugin Happy tweening.
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    Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums, I really don't have any experience with Bannertime, so I'm not really sure what you are asking. The file you attached is just a javascript file and I'm not really sure what it is supposed to do. Have you tried asking the Bannertime people for help with this? There might be someone in this forum that will be able to help, but we really have to keep our official support focused on the GSAP API. If you have a question about GSAP, it would be great if you could create a simple demo using CodePen, jsFiddle, jsBin or another online editor
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    Hi @Mauro Bueno Welcome to the forum. You've already declared your variables so the tween target doesn't need to go in quotes. Please try this: tl .to(esqDir, 1, {x:2000}) .from(dirEsq, 1, {x:0}) .to(conteudo, 1, {scale:20}) .to(conteudo, 1, {autoAlpha:0}) or you could write it like this too: tl .to("#esqDir", 1, {x:2000}) .from("#dirEsq", 1, {x:0}) .to("#conteudo", 1, {scale:20}) .to("#conteudo", 1, {autoAlpha:0}) Either way should get you animating. Happy tweening and welcome aboard.
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    Regarding banner dev I'm in a bubble. I work from home, my remote coworkers and I are all either Flash expats who now hand code banners or are front end devs that have learned banners. But... I'm also noticing an uptick among some former Flash colleagues touting Animate CC. I feel like they're anomalies, but I could be wrong. I've barely explored Animate. I don't desire to. But I also don't want to ignore a tool if it has a sizable presence in the industry. I'd hate to not get a job because a studio uses Animate and I don't. I pride myself on knowing many disciplines and solutions. My question is... How many of you out there are seeing Animate used as the primary platform for banner development? In studios/departments, among colleagues etc. Is it common, is it rare? Is it 50/50 Note: I realize this forum skews towards hand coding, but we all see what our friends are doing, i want to know what your friends are doing.
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    Hi Marjan and Oliver, Sorry I wouldn't say hand coding in NOT smart. IMHO hand coding is a the only way to get clean and fast result. It's absolutely possible to create more than 10 sizes for less than 8 hours with hand coding. It's a matter of workflow setup (large screens + graphic editor + IDE + browser) + designing and coding experience + having enough sleep + etc. Cheers Vitaliy
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    Animate CC and GSAP certainly make it easy to build banners regardless of timeline or coded animation. I use it a lot. I also use GSAP for DOM. I look at the creative and make a determination based on the storyboard frames which tool would serve the animation best. I do prefer hand coding but there are short cuts and conveniences that Animate CC provides that are usually worth the compromise. As long as the end result is within spec, performant and makes the client happy...
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