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Returns : *

Returns a clamped number between the given maximum and minimum. Returns a function that returns a number if no value (third parameter) is given.

Given a minimum and maximum, clamp the given value (3rd parameter) such that it’s in the range. If you don’t provide a value to clamp, it’ll return a function that’s ready to do the clamping accordingly.

  1. // clamps a value to a certain minimum and maximum. Parameters are: minimum, maximum, value
  2. let num = gsap.utils.clamp(0, 100, 105); // 100
  3. let num = gsap.utils.clamp(0, 100, -50); // 0
  4. let num = gsap.utils.clamp(0, 100, 20); // 20
  5. //if we don't provide a value to clamp (3rd parameter), we get back a function that's ready to do the clamping accordingly
  6. let clamper = gsap.utils.clamp(0, 100); // <- function!
  7. //now we can feed a value into the function we got from the line above and it'll perform clamping accordingly:
  8. let num = clamper(-10); //0
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