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TweenMax.set( target:Object, vars:Object ) : TweenMax

[static] Immediately sets properties of the target accordingly - essentially a zero-duration to() tween with a more intuitive name.


target: Object

Target object (or array of objects or selector text) whose properties will be affected.

vars: Object

An object defining the value for each property that should be set. For example, to set mc.x to 100 and mc.y to 200, do this: TweenMax.set(mc, {x:100, y:200}); You may also define any of the special properties baked into GSAP like delay, onComplete, etc.

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Returns : TweenMax

A TweenMax instance (with a duration of 0) which can optionally be inserted into a TimelineLite/Max instance (although it’s typically more concise to just use the timeline’s set() method).


Immediately sets properties of the target accordingly - essentially a zero-duration to() tween with a more intuitive name. So the following lines produce identical results:

TweenMax.set(myObject, {x:100, y:50, opacity:0});
TweenMax.to(myObject, 0, {x:100, y:50, opacity:0});

And of course you can use an array to set the properties of multiple targets at the same time, like:

TweenMax.set([obj1, obj2, obj3], {x:100, y:50, opacity:0});

You can also use selector text to target DOM elements that match that criteria.

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