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TweenMax.pauseAll( tweens:Boolean, delayedCalls:Boolean, timelines:Boolean ) :

[static] [deprecated] Pauses all tweens and/or delayedCalls/callbacks and/or timelines.


tweens: Boolean

(default = true) — If true, all tweens will be paused.

delayedCalls: Boolean

(default = true) — If true, all delayedCalls will be paused. timeline callbacks are treated the same as delayedCalls.

timelines: Boolean

(default = true) — If true, all TimelineLite and TimelineMax instances will be paused (at least the ones who haven’t finished and been removed from their parent timeline)


[deprecated] Pauses all tweens and/or delayedCalls/callbacks and/or timelines. This literally changes the paused state of all affected tweens/delayedCalls/timelines, but a more flexible way to globally control things is to use the TimelineLite.exportRoot() method which essentially wraps all of the tweens/timelines/delayedCalls on the root timeline into a TimelineLite instance so that you can pause(), resume(), or even reverse() or alter the timeScale without affecting animations that you create after the export. This also avoids having to alter the pausedstate of every individual tween/delayedCall/timeline - controlling the TimelineLite that contains the exported animations delivers the same effect visually, but does so in a more elegant and flexible way.

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