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.removeCallBack( callback:Function, timeOrLabel:* ) : TimelineMax

Removes a callback from a particular position.


callback: Function

callback function to be removed

timeOrLabel: *

(default = null) — the time in seconds (or frames for frames-based timelines) or label from which the callback should be removed. For example,myTimeline.removeCallback(myFunction, 3) would remove the callback from 3-seconds into the timeline, and myTimeline.removeCallback(myFunction, "myLabel")would remove it from the “myLabel” label, and myTimeline.removeCallback(myFunction, null) would remove ALL callbacks of that function regardless of where they are on the timeline.

Returns : TimelineMax

self (makes chaining easier)


Removes a callback from a particular position. If the timeOrLabel parameter is null, all callbacks of that function are removed from the timeline.

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