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Included in TweenMax: YES

RoundProps ensures that the property values always get rounded to the nearest integer during the tween. Just pass in a comma-delimited list of property names that should be rounded. For example, if you're tweening the x, y, and opacity properties of "#someID" element and you want to round the x and y values (not opacity) every time the tween is rendered, you'd do:, 2, {x:300, y:200, opacity:0.5, roundProps:"x,y"});

Note: as of GSAP 1.19.0, RoundPropsPlugin leverages the same plumbing internally as ModifiersPlugin (roundProps is just a modifier that applies Math.round()), thus you cannot do BOTH a modifier and roundProps on the same property in the same tween. It's easy to get that functionality, though, by just doing Math.round() inside your modifier function.

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