Provides an easeIneaseOut, and easeInOut with a power (or strength) of 1 which is identical to the Power1 ease. The more power, the more exaggerated the easing effect. Using a numeric approach like Power1 instead of Quad makes experimenting easier and the code reads more intuitively.

This is one of the eases that is natively accelerated in TweenLite and TweenMax. All of the "Power" eases and their counterparts (Linear (0), Quad (1), Cubic (2), Quart (3), Quint (4), and Strong (4)) are accelerated.

Example usage:

TweenLite.to(obj, 1, {x:100, ease:Quad.easeOut});


easeIn : Ease

[static] Eases in with a power of 1.

easeInOut : Ease

[static] Eases in and then out with a power of 1.

easeOut : Ease

[static] Eases out with a power of 1.

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