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GreenSock Docs (HTML5/JS)



.Ease( func:Function, extraParams:Array, type:Number, power:Number ) ;



func: Function

(default = null) — Function (if any) that should be proxied. This is completely optional and is in fact rarely used except when you have your own custom ease function that follows the standard ease parameter pattern like time, start, change, duration.

extraParams: Array

(default = null) — If any extra parameters beyond the standard 4 (time, start, change, duration) need to be fed to the func function, define them as an array here. For example, the old Elastic.easeOut accepts 2 extra parameters in its standard equation (although the newer GreenSock version uses the more modern config() method for configuring the ease and doesn’t require any extraPrams here)

type: Number

(default = 0) — Integer indicating the type of ease where 1 is easeOut, 2 is easeIn, 3 is easeInOut, and 0 is none of these.

power: Number

(default = 0) — Power of the ease where Linear is 0, Quad is 1, Cubic is 2, Quart is 3, Quint (and Strong) is 4, etc.



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