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CustomEase.get( ID:String ) : CustomEase

Gets the CustomEase instance associated with the ID provided.


ID: String

The ID (name) associated with the CustomEase instance, like "hop"

Returns : CustomEase

Returns the CustomEase instance associated with the ID provided.


Gets the CustomEase instance associated with the ID (name) provided.

//create a CustomEase with an ID of "hop"
CustomEase.create("hop", "M0,0 C0,0 0.056,0.445 0.175,0.445 0.294,0.445 0.332,0 0.332,0 0.332,0 0.414,1 0.671,1 0.991,1 1,0 1,0");

//then, later, you can get it like this:
var ease = CustomEase.get("hop");

Typically you don't need to get() the CustomEase instance because you can just pass its ID into any animation as the ease and GSAP will find it internally.

Download CustomEase

You must have a GreenSock account which is completely free to set up. Plus it gets you access to our community forums (a fantastic place to learn and get your questions answered). Simply log into your GreenSock account and get it from the "Downloads" area of your Account Dashboard. Or use the widget at the bottom of the https://greensock.com/customease page to sign up and get the CustomEase file. It's in the "easing" directory. Note: CustomEase is not in the github repository or CDN; it's only available for download at GreenSock.com.

Copyright 2017, GreenSock. All rights reserved. This work is subject to theterms of useor for Club GreenSock members, the software agreement that was issued with the membership.