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CodePen Challenges 2021

| Cassie

And that's a wrap on the December 2021 codepen challenges!

Thanks to our friends at CodePen for letting us host, and well done to everyone that took part! You're a super creative bunch. Each week two talented winners won a "Shockingly Green" Club GreenSock membership plus a lifetime of GreenSock training from Creative Coding Club!

If you missed out, don't you worry - I'm sure we'll get another chance to host in the future! 😉


Who were the judges?

Meet our lovely judges. Each week they voted for their favourite pens and left tips, tricks and encouragement on the entries. Huge thanks to every one of you!



Week 1 winners! 🥳

Prompt: Ease

Congratulations to our wonderful week one winners for kicking this off in style! Ricardo Oliva Alonso and Wheatup.
Be sure to check out the rest of the submissions - there's some brilliant ones in there.


Week 2 winners! 🥳

Prompt: Bounce

Bouncing into the next winners slots are.... Josh Salazar and John W.
Make sure you check out the rest of the bouncy submissions.


Week 3 winners! 🥳

Prompt: Loop

We had so many great loopy submissions this week, so it was really hard to choose just two winners. However, after some long deliberation the winners are.... Natalia and Damon.


Week 4 winners! 🥳

Prompt: Flip

The winners of the very last GSAP codepen challenge are .... Ryan Mulligan and Kirdes Gourville.

Take a look at all the flippin' fantastic demos from this final week!




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- Team GreenSock

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