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CodeSandbox Challenges 🏆

| Cassie

Are you familiar with CodeSandbox?

If not, you should check it out! It's a super powerful online code editor and prototyping tool that makes creating and sharing web apps faster. Plus, *drum roll*... you can now use all the Club GreenSock plugins on CodeSandbox via npm. 🥳


To celebrate this we teamed up with the CodeSandbox team to host some fun creative challenges in April 2022...



Be sure to check out our favourite submissions - there's some brilliant ones in there.

Week 1

Scrolling animation with ScrollTrigger

Congratulations to our wonderful week one winners for kicking this off in style! Victor and Ismael.

Week 2

SVG line animation with DrawSVG

Congratulations Christian and av! Such creative entries.

Week 3

Getting to grips with Flip - using the Flip Plugin

Congratulations Victor (again) and Christian (again)!

We couldn't have you win twice though.  So the prizes will be going to our very deserving runner ups this week! Toso and Julia

Meet the judges.

Meet our immensely talented judges. Each week they'll vote for their favourite demo  Huge thanks to every one of you!

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